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When Did Pride Become A Virtue?

When did pride become a virtue?

There’s nothing virtuous about it. In fact, pride isn’t just a regular vice; it’s worse than that. It poisons every virtue. The man who says, “Look at me, for I am humble!” is no longer humble, and the woman who says, “Look at me, for I am generous!” suddenly becomes selfish.

It’s bad enough to arrogantly exult in excellence and say, “Look at me; I’m doing something good! Look at me, because I’m compassionate, humble, and generous!”

But it’s so much more intolerable to arrogantly exult in evil and say, “Look at me, because I’m doing something bad! Look at me, and worship me, because my hubris demands it!”

Granted, it makes sense that progressives like Justin Trudeau demand we celebrate pride. After all, the Scriptures teach that pride goes before destruction, and liberal progressives want to destroy our nation. They hate everything about our country that’s good, and seek to tear our rights, freedom, justice, and capitalism (or, at least, what’s left of those things), down.

For that reason, ideologues force us to call good things evil, and evil things good. They legislate we call bitter things sweet, and the sweet things bitter. They want us to act like darkness is bright, and daytime is dark.

During this month of June, they even demand we praise the Father of corruption—pride—as a virtuous trait.

The radical left acts like their promotion of these ideals are loving and tolerant, but they’re not.

The deadliest wolf is the one that looks most like a sheep, and the most dangerous progressive is he who sounds like the most innocent and harmless man in the world. The truth is that his mask is a façade, and his “celebration of love” isn’t love at all.

We turn on the tv, walk in malls, or go to school, and hear the words, “Love yourselves for who you are! Be proud of what you’ve become!”

If we dare counter with an argument, radicals say, “Arguing against us? Arguing against our month? Arguing against love, peace, acceptance, and rights? You must be a hateful, intolerant, bigot!”

Of course, their accusations aren’t true, but it doesn’t matter. They’re so ruthless that society bows to their demands for fear of the consequences if they don’t.

But the Scriptures on this matter are clear; we refuse to bow to the neo-neon Moloch named “Pride’s Rainbow.” Let the radicals scream at us with all their passion and fury. Let them defend their cause and way of life and shout, “How could you? How could you refuse to accept this way of life?! I was born this way!”

“Fair enough,” says Christ. “Perhaps you were born ‘this way.’

That’s why you must be born again.”

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4 comentários

14 de jul. de 2023

So true... perhaps you were born this way... so we all need to be born AGAIN! Born of the Spirit. I pray that those who read have the ears to hear and heart to believe the truth.


beau didly
beau didly
07 de jun. de 2023

Tanner, We just love your articles, they are the best, second to none. You give hope where there seems none. The Word of God permeates your writings through and through. It is so true that

PRIDE leads the procession of all sin, because the sin of pride is evident in all sin. It is the sin that brought all sin and death into the world. And as you stated we all need to be born again.

Thanks again brother in Christ.❤️ We're praying protection over you and your family.

Peter and Halina


07 de jun. de 2023

Thank you, Tanner, for your clarity. I appreciate your way with words and your love of God.


06 de jun. de 2023

As usual Tanner, you are a well spoken and enlightened person. I for very much appreciate your words of wisdom and truth. By all means, keep on keeping and remember, United We Stand..! 🤠👥👀

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