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Tanner Hnidey is an economist, freelance speaker, social critic, and lay-theologian. He’s the author and editor of his website,, where he regularly comments on political, ethical, religious, and economic issues, in vogue. 


Born and raised in the jaded climate of East-Central Alberta, Tanner grew up in the countryside. There, he was instructed with the values and beliefs that would become the foundation of his life today.


From an early age, his family stressed the importance of Biblical study, prayer, morality, salvation, and the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Due to his family’s testimony, Tanner believed in Christ for the forgiveness of his sin at a young age.

No matter what Tanner’s family was doing, Jesus took precedence over everything. Christ was the foundation of their adventures, and the reason for the style of life that they lived.


In addition to this, intellect and common sense were encouraged in his family’s home. His parents and grandparents nourished his love for reading and learning, if only for the sake of understanding new things. Living in the country provided the accessible solitude required to think about the world without distraction, and as he matured, Tanner’s interests in studying, reading, and thinking, were able to flourish.


Descended from a family of pastors and missionaries, Tanner spent eight weeks every summer helping his family run Bible camp. Throughout his 15 summers doing so, he counselled thousands of campers, taught Bible classes, preached numerous sermons, and witnessed the indescribable power of the Lord Jesus transform even the most broken of lives.


His interest in the study of sin, righteousness, choice, and the human condition, led Tanner to study Economics at the University of Calgary. There, he cultivated a passion for Austrian Economics, while also advancing his love of Scripture, study, and thought. 

Pictured left: Tanner with his mum

Once graduated, Tanner commenced his work for justice, freedom, objective moral values, and society’s repentance and return to Jesus Christ. That passion’s continued to the present day, as Tanner records videos, speaks at live events, writes numerous articles, sends dozens of prayer emails to as many people as possible, and preaches the gospel of Christ.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Tanner’s appeared at numerous events, camps, meetings, rallies, and podcasts. A few of his favourite Biblical books include Ecclesiastes, Hebrews, and Revelation, and his favourite authors are G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Ludwig Von Mises, George Orwell, and Milton Friedman.

In his free time, Tanner loves to study Scripture, play jazz music, spend time outdoors, write, and read. 

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