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Tanner Hnidey is a Speaker, Industrial Organization Economist, and Lay-Theologian. He is the author of “True Christianity,” an introductory treatise on the fundamentals of his Christian faith, and regularly comments on political, ethical, religious, and economic issues that are in vogue.


Proudly born and raised in the jaded and extreme climate of East-Central Alberta, Tanner grew up in the countryside, where he was instructed with the values and beliefs that are the foundation of his life today. From an early age, his family stressed the importance of Christ, the Bible, prayer, and salvation. Because of his parent’s testimony and the logical consistency of what they taught, he accepted Christ at a young age. No matter what the family was doing, Christ had precedence over everything. In addition to this, intellect and common sense were nurtured and championed as vital in his home. From an early age, he recognized that he specifically enjoyed reading and learning about all things, if only for the sake of knowledge. Living outside of the city provided an accessible solitude required to contemplate things without distraction comfortably, and his interests in studying, reading, and thinking were able to flourish.

Descended from a family of pastors and missionaries, Tanner spent eight weeks every summer helping his family run Bible camp. Throughout his 15 years at camp, he has counselled thousands of campers, taught Bible classes, preached numerous sermons, and has witnessed the indescribable power of the Lord Jesus transform even the most broken of lives. During the school year, he loved to teach Sunday school and regularly played bass with the church worship band. 

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The paradox of how co-operation, charity, and mutually beneficial trade are able to exist in a world of sin and evil intrigued Tanner. Thus, he studied the dismal science of economics and obtained a degree from the University of Calgary. Although his schooling provided invaluable influence in shaping the way he now thinks, his education's most significant value was introducing the real world. Having grown up near a hard-working, humble, trades-focused town, it wasn't until he went to university that he was continually exposed to the plethora of unique cultures, beliefs, and lives—each one as fascinating as the other. As a consequence of interacting with more people each day, it was during his time at school that he began to wonder exactly how people think, why they live the way that they do, and what their values in life are. 

Graduating university, guided by Scripture and trained in the principles of Industrial Organization economics, Tanner commenced fighting for justice, freedom, objective moral values, and society’s prodigal return to Christ to harmonize with the value and meaning He created for us. Primarily, Tanner champions Jesus, free markets, and a province where people are free to make the best of themselves and pursue values and moral living as God intended.

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Because the salvation gifted to him by Christ is so great, and because he cherishes the province of Alberta so much, Tanner has made it his mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, and defend Alberta from the empire of a contemptible socialist state.

Tanner has taught at numerous Christian events, camps, and church schools. His favourite Biblical books are Ecclesiastes and Hebrews, and his favourite economists are James M. Buchanan, Ludwig Von Mises, and Milton Friedman.

In his free time, Tanner loves to study Scripture, write about economics and ethics, play jazz music, and read.

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