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We’re those who defend truth, proclaim objective values, and champion the gospel of our Saviour. 

Tanner Hnidey

Jesus Christ is coming soon. As the world falls deeper into darkness, Christ shines brighter than ever before, and in the midst of the Earth’s hopelessness, the eternal hope of Almighty God reigns supreme. 

However, the present church, along with politicians, activists, intellectuals, and bureaucrats, bow low to the lords of the modern state. The Scriptures have not been obeyed, and the constitution that protects our rights and freedoms has not been honoured. 

All this time, a neo-Marxist movement, grounded in antihumanism and sin, advances upon our society. It’s growing in strength and momentum, infiltrating our schools, universities, and government, while invading our homes. 

Is it, therefore, any wonder why socialism and progressivism conquer our nations? Why should we be shocked to see our institutions crumble before the ferocity of progressive activists and demagogues? A new religion of “wokeism” has breached our sanctuaries, and a new brand of socialist dogma plagues the ranks of our communities. 

Image by Jeff W
Image by Matheus Bandoch

In spite of all this, we cling fast to the promises of Jesus Christ. He sees all that’s happening, and continues ruling from his magnificent throne. Our Lord knew this rebellion was coming, but still appointed us for a time such as this. 

We’re those who defend truth, proclaim objective values, and champion the gospel of our Saviour. This site is a refuge of fortification. It’s a sanctuary for those who believe in Christ, and it’s an welcoming home for those who are searching to know more about Him. 

As we work to protect our countries and continents from progressivism’s reprehensible agenda, this community stands as a bastion of reality. The world might hate Christ, but here, He’s proclaimed with happiness and joy. Universities might criticize Godly ethics, but here, we study them with pride. Men and women might preach tolerance, but here, we preach truth. 

Together, we’re working for the Lord Jesus, announcing His imminent return, and calling men and women to believe in Him for salvation. His sceptre is ready and His sword is drawn. Our purpose is to make sure the world knows that He’s coming, and this time, it won’t be as a babe in a manger, but a Majesty in glory.

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