Since the inception of sin, a tremendous battle has raged across the dominions and dimensions. Spiritual alliances of evil forged in antiquity continue to thrash in vain against the Architect of all creation, Jesus Christ. Our enemy is vicious. But just because this axis of wickedness lost the war at the cross, it’s not as though they’ve capitulated. On the contrary, gnashing their teeth in a fury of rage against our God, their accelerated assault has only intensified as they persecute the people of the world. 

Thus, what flares in the spiritual manifests in the physical. There are only two sides in this fight, and neutrality is impermissible—I either fight beside my Christ or against Him. We’re combatants in this conflict, and the Earth is the nexus of this cosmic war. The cruelty of the dictator, the kindness of the stranger, and the choices we make every day are all consequences of spiritual battles, some of them very fierce, that we are intimate parts of. 

But this everlasting war rapidly approaches its conclusion. The second and final summit of history is in sight. “The night is far gone; the day is at hand.” We are appointed for this time, perhaps the greatest in our species’ short existence, to be a chosen few who defend the truth and preach the gospel of Christ. It’s precisely because of this, because we are small in number and nearing the day of Christ, that our enemy's dominant viciousness has persisted and is increasing in severity. Friends of the faith are shunned and mocked without mercy. Those that proclaim the cross are censored and thrown into prison. Many ridicule and label us as insane. But we are not commanded to cower. We are not commanded to capitulate. 
But that’s exactly what we’ve done! We’ve become enthralled by the treasures of the world and are taken with its seduction. Scripture has been sheathed, locked in a safe, cast into the middle of the ocean of temporal pleasure, and forgotten. The church bows low to the lords of the modern state. By her own sin and iniquity, she willfully abandoned her Commander and was therefore unprepared to fight…Is it really that great of a surprise? Are we really all that shocked to realize that, when the enemy attacked with a blitzkrieg of progressivism, we crumbled with nearly no resistance? Not in the slightest. A new religion of “wokeism” has infiltrated our sanctuaries. Radical leftist dogma, reinforced with the support of ideologues and intellectuals, plagues the ranks of this false church. We have taken a plunge into the abyss of socialism, tolerance, and social justice. But this cannot be. Christ declares it cannot be. His gospel, the only gospel, shall be spread throughout the world whether men want it to or not. 

Such is the purpose of this website. We must proclaim Christ, His salvation, and the application of the gospel to the world we live in. If we are soldiers, we must refresh at a barrack. And not only refresh, but prepare and study for the coming battles as the day of Christ draws near. So let this be a place of fortification. With logical and intellectual discussion and encouragement, let us sharpen our spiritual swords and strengthen our shields of faith. Our hope is that here, we who are of one mind, or those who are curious about what we believe, might enjoy refuge from the propaganda and persecution of the world. Christ might be hated, but here He is championed. He is our Sovereign Supreme in whom we have been rescued from sin and death. And so, we must tell the world.