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Together, we’re fighting to return the society to objective morals, the supremacy of Scripture, and leadership of Christ.

Tanner Hnidey

Alberta comprehends one of the most remarkable parts of the Earth. Our land comprehends one of the most remarkable places on Earth. It’s abundant with resource, beautifully diverse landscapes, and the treasure of God’s blessing. But all of that would be worthless if our people weren’t the friendly, humble, industrious, men and women they are. None deny that our nation is a frontier of ethical energy, technological innovation, and economic adaptation.

But the tragic fact is that the constitution that guarantees our freedom and protects our rights has not been preserved. While our province was free, we enjoyed a series of triumphs. Big government was restricted, commodities were booming, and we worked our hardest to provide a better life for our families and children. However, all that while, a neo-Marxist movement was growing in strength and momentum, infiltrating our schools, universities, and society. “We cannot,” we said, “let socialism and subjectivism conquer our home.”

But that’s precisely what’s happened! The church, political defenders of truth, and soldiers of justice, bow low to lords of the modern state. Yet are we all that shocked to realize that when the enemy attacked with a blitzkrieg of progressivism, we crumbled with nearly no resistance? Not in the slightest. A new religion of “wokeism” has breached our sanctuaries. Radical leftist dogma, reinforced with the support of ideologues and intellectuals, plagues the ranks of our society. We have taken a plunge into the abyss of socialism, tolerance, and social justice.

Image by Jeff W
Image by Matheus Bandoch

But God has appointed us for a time like this—perhaps the greatest time in our species’ short existence! We are those who defend truth, proclaim objective values, and champion the gospel of Christ.


This site is a place of fortification. As we battle to take our province back and return to God, this community aims to build a bastion of logical and intellectual discussion and encouragement. The world might hate Christ, but here He is proclaimed with joy. Universities might criticize Godly ethics, but here we study them with pride. Together, we’re fighting to return the society to objective morals, the supremacy of Scripture, and leadership of Christ, for like Lewis said: We cannot go on “seeing through” objective values, principles, and truths forever. “The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it...But a wholly transparent world is an invisible world. To 'see through' all things is the same as not to see.”

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