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Naheed Nenshi: A Wolf In Wolf's Clothing

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” - Proverbs 16:18


I’m not talking about the new NDP leadership candidate, Naheed Nenshi (although the Proverbs certainly apply to him); I’m talking about the UCP. Let them be warned. Nenshi is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. If the UCP doesn’t take him seriously, Albertans won’t take the UCP seriously during the next election.


Destroying Calgary wasn’t enough for Mr. Nenshi. He wants to destroy Alberta, as well. Just look at his legacy. A socialist Calgary, full of slum and despair, is all that remains of his time in municipal office. Mayor Gondek is simply extending his reign.

 Downtown is dirty and unsafe. Higher taxes, stronger regulations, and a hostile presence envelop what once was the undisputed economic beacon of Canada. The haunting shadow of Nenshi’s rule lingers in Calgary, and provides a cruel warning for all those who would forget how much damage he did.


I know this is the case because I was there. I lived in Calgary for four years, from 2016-2020, during the height of Nenshi’s power. I saw the downtown lights dim. I saw the vibrant city turn dull and grey. I saw the dark cloud of depression sink beneath the skyline. I saw all of it, even as, for example, Nenshi hiked property taxes 7.5% in 2020.


Nevertheless, the UCP have a challenger. Granted, all NDP challengers are dangerous, but Nenshi presents a unique danger that conservatives would be foolish to dismiss. He’s among the most ravenous of politicians in Alberta politics. His appetite for control knows no bounds. He’s an uncompromising tactician, a precise strategist, and a calm orator.


Put simply, he’s a challenger to take seriously.


Granted, Nenshi is not yet the leader of the NDP. He might not win the nomination. In that case, this article becomes unnecessary. But perhaps he does win the nomination, and perhaps he does challenge for the leadership of Alberta in the next election. Should we be afraid?


Not at all!


The Lord Jesus Christ reigns on His throne. No matter what happens in Alberta politics, Christ is still sovereign, and our salvation, as Christians, is secure. We yield to none. We serve Christ, and Christ alone. His supremacy can’t be challenged by any politician, and there’s no one so powerful as to overthrow the plans of the Lord.


“I crave power, and want to be leader of Alberta!” says Naheed Nenshi.


“Only if I allow it” declares Jesus Christ, The King.


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