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I Refuse To Celebrate Pride


Society used to celebrate virtue. Now, progressive lunatics want us to celebrate vice. They say we need to be tolerant. They tell us gluttony is beautiful. And, in June, they demand we worship pride.

Of course, like all other progressive movements, this celebration of pride and immorality doesn’t make an ounce of sense when you think about it for longer than three seconds.

What I mean to say is radicals act like pride is virtuous (which is an absurd claim) because it celebrates “accepting who you are.” Can you believe it? They want us to act like something, like pride, is moral because it’s an “expression of self.”

In that case, an action is right because a man does it, and an action is wrong because a man doesn’t do it. Something is moral because it “expresses oneself,” and another action is immoral because it doesn’t do so. If that’s the way the world works, we should just destroy our justice system immediately. Every criminal should be released from prison, and every sentence must be ripped to shreds.

What, after all, if the thief doing if not expressing his passion to steal? What is the liar doing if not expressing his love for manipulating reality? What is the adulterer doing if not expressing his deep desire to have what isn’t his? Under the progressive worldview, what are these criminals doing if not accepting who they are, and acting upon it? They’re just expressing themselves, aren’t they? Who are we, in that case, to tell them they’re wrong?

Of course, one particular Man does tell them, and us, we’re wrong, and His name is Jesus Christ. Far from being a virtue, pride is a sin. But pride isn’t just a sin; pride is the sin. It’s Hell’s wellspring from which all other sins flow, and poison our planet.

I remember when public school taught us those in this lifestyle were “born this way.” Now, we simply hear them announce, “This is my true self; it’s just who I am.”

In a sense, Nicodemus said the same sort of thing to Jesus. In the third chapter of John, Nicodemus wrestles with his convictions and understands that if his true self is corrupted, as it is by pride, He can’t inherit the Kingdom of God. We’re in the same boat.

What’s the solution? Should we puff out our chests and utter the divine phrase, “I am who I am.”? Should we march to Heaven’s gates with the arrogant banner, “This is the way I was born!”? As a matter of fact, Heaven marched to us first, and told us we have to “be born again.”


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