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We "Musk" Resist Transhumanism Because It Unmakes Our Humanity

The insurmountable problem with transhumanism is that a man who makes himself “more than human” unmakes his humanity. If you draw an elephant without a trunk, he’s no longer an elephant. If you draw a triangle with four sides, it’s no longer a triangle. If you digitally alter a man’s DNA, he’s no longer a man.

You can’t construct a transhuman society where men are “more than human” any more than you can construct a wealthy neighbourhood where the homes are built on sand. To make man “more than human” by adding chip implants and digital codes is to make a cake “more than cake” by adding steak, cola, a chair, and a piece of 1/2” steel pipe. Neither experiment will produce success; both experiments will produce abominations.

We’re accustomed to hearing the transhuman ideal being called modern and innovative, but there’s nothing modern about it. The temptation to be “more than human” is a temptation as old as Adam and Eve; the serpent made sure of that.

In part, the purpose of Christ Jesus is to show that man’s objective isn’t to be “more than human,” but fully human. In his incarnation, the Greatest Conceivable Being wasn’t more than Adam; He was the Second Adam, the Last Adam, and the Ultimate Adam.

So, how can we, as creatures who are not Divine, pursue something which even the Divinity Himself refused? How can we lust to be “more than humans” if God incarnate demonstrated His perfection by being the perfect man and nothing more?

Our evolution into the digital age and imminent fusion with A.I. is likened to progress. But on what grounds can anyone say this transition is progressive in any real sense of the word? We can only decipher the morality of this advance if we have something to compare the advance to.

You can’t just say, “It’s good to be more than human;” you have to say, “It’s good to be more than human because Moral Standard X told me so.” The problem for the transhumanist is that Moral Standard X—the Scripture—doesn’t tell them to progress beyond humanity; it tells them to keep within its bounds.

There’s an element of tragedy to the transhumanists insofar as they want to paint over a Picasso. They try to “improve” upon a Rembrandt. The transhuman objective is an affront to the Artist on High. We are His master artwork and cosmic pièce de résistance. We don’t need to be made into something “more than human;” we need to be cleaned, for we’ve sullied and soiled ourselves with sin.

As a man who paints on top of the Mona Lisa ruins the painting, another man who “improves” the human ruins humanity. The transhumanist refuses to recognize borders and the fact that we humans have to stay within our bounds. Thus, he does not recognize the glories of art (for what is art if not borders?) and the genius of the Artist.

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2022

Thanks again Tanner for your wonderful and enlightened insights and thoughts, which I for one believe and support. You sir are a truly godly person/man and are on the side of the all seeing and knowing and all mighty creator, and humanity. Bless and thank you for your words of wisdom and enlightenment, and be sure to have yourself a truly very "Merry Christmas and a fantastic and wonder-filled New (2023) Year! 🤠🍁🎄

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