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Christianity Is True And All Other Worldviews Are False | Easter

Christianity is true and all other worldviews are false. Jesus Christ is King, and all other gods are conquered rebels.


These sound like arrogant statements to make, but they’re not. If it’s arrogant to say Christ is true, then it’s arrogant to say 2+2=4, or blue and red make purple. Christ is supreme. It’s a fact, and Easter proves it.


There are many religions. 10,000+ of them to be exact. Hinduism talks about reincarnation, but atheism refuses to acknowledge any sort of life after death. New-Age mystics speak about energy, but Greek mythologists speak about Olympian gods. Muslims believe in Allah, but Christians believe in Yahweh.


Obviously, this division confronts us with a problem. All of these worldviews claim a monopoly on truth, but their truths are mutually exclusive. Thus, only one worldview can be true, but how are we supposed to know which one that is? Enter Christ.


2000 years ago, a strange man named Jesus was preaching around Galilee. His claims were simple, but shattering. Here are a few of them:


1.The Jewish Scriptures [The Old Testament], and all their 1200+ prophecies, are all true.

2.Yahweh alone is God. All other gods, whether Hindu, Greek, Roman, or Buddhist, are false.

3. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to obtain forgiveness of sin, and inherit eternal life. All other “paths to Heaven” are false.

4.The Son of God will die for the sins of mankind, but three days later, He’ll be resurrected from the dead.


It’s the last claim we want to focus on this morning. If Christ is wrong about His death and resurrection, He’s a liar, and Christianity is false. If, on the other hand, Christ is correct about His death and resurrection, Christianity, by definition, is true, all the claims of Christ are true, and all other religions are false.


How could any other outcome be the case? It’s one thing for a man to say, “In three days, the sun is going to rise,” but it’s another thing entirely for a man to say, “In three days, the Son is going to rise.” Of course the sun is going to rise. That’s what the sun does. But how can the Son rise when He’s dead? Dead men don’t rise. If they did, they wouldn’t be dead.


The only way for the Son to rise from the dead is for Him to alter reality. Anyone able to do so is not only capable of telling what the truth is, but making the truth whatever he wants it to be. A man who makes the sky green changes reality, and so, changes the truth about the colour of the sky. Likewise, a Man who is raised from the dead changes reality, and so, changes the truth about death and life.


I do not deny that other men change reality, or perform miracles with dark magic. I do deny that any of them, no matter what religion, can raise men from the dead to live eternally.

In this, Christ is supreme, and His ability to alter reality – to shape the truth – eclipses everyone. He doesn’t just claim to understand the world, but create the world. We submit to reality, but reality submits to Him. He makes what never happens, happen.


We know Christ is true. We know He’s superior to all other gods, mystics, and religious leaders. How does He prove it? He does what Mohammed doesn’t do. He does what Marx fails to do. He does what Buddha can never do:


He rises from the dead on Easter morn. He shows His resurrection to massive crowds. He’s carried up into Heaven in glory.


He lives, and will never die again. Dig up the graves of men and you will find caskets of bones. Dig up the grave of Christ and you will find a heap of linen and a rolled-away stone.

Happy Easter!


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