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The G20's New Global Passport: It's Evil.

Government would kill a man in the name of safety. Why wouldn’t they? They justify everything else they do in the name of safety, so why not make a man “safe” from the pangs of life by ending it altogether? I’m convinced government would do so; I’m convinced, with programs like euthanasia, they’re doing so now.

Thus, it’s no wonder why the G20 signed a declaration to create a “global verification system to facilitate international travel”* (it’s just a globalized, digitalized vaccine passport). If governments already justify ending a man’s life in the name of safety, why not justify discrimination? If leaders are willing to see people starve and lose their businesses, homes, and relationships in the name of safety, why wouldn’t they be willing to see them lose their ability to travel, too?

This Orwellian passport has been justified, not in the name of freedom, but in the name of safety. Indonesia’s Health Minister said, “If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, you can move around. So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of people 100%, you can still provide some movement of the people.”**

Quotes like those might sound humane, but they’re not. If you justify everything in the name of safety, you can justify anything. You may hurt a man to heal him. You can cut off his feet to keep him from falling. A man could break his neighbour’s back to ensure he doesn't stand too quickly and faint. Government might lobotomize free-thinking citizens to protect them from dangerous thoughts. You can even demand a global vaccine passport to keep a man from infecting the nations, even though he himself is not infected at all.

It’s foolish to think this new passport starts and stops with a vaccine. “Two weeks to slow the spread, One booster to be fully immunized, and vaccine passports just for a week or two” condemn all future promises of the politician. We don't believe what they say, because everything they previously said didn't come true.

We talk about a vaccine passport now, but what happens when governments determine our dogmas, beliefs, voting records, shopping history, and whatever else they can think of affects safety, too? Soon, what is healthy will not just mean “Who is vaccinated,” but rather, “Who is mentally safe? Who is politically correct? Who is progressive? Who is tolerant of all things?”

If this passport comes into full effect, the world will reduce itself into two classes of citizens: those who are citizens of the world and those who aren’t. A global passport really means precisely that—a right to exist on the globe. And those who will not sign, those who will not be immunized according to the rules of the “omniscient” WHO, will become themselves foreigners in a foreign land, refugees in their own countries, and strangers in their homes.

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