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When A Small Town Crushed An Empire | Westlock

The town of Westlock, Alberta, put the country on notice. Its residents passed a bylaw that forbids town council from mutilating public crosswalks with a cheap imitation of God’s rainbow.* Neither can the town fly pride flags at its public buildings. Crosswalks are only to be painted white; the provincial, town, and federal flags, are the only banners to be flown.


This is a remarkable achievement. The radical left is enraged, which is all the more reason for us to be joyful. Their frustration usually means our satisfaction. Their anger reassures us we have reason to live in joy.

The fact that MP’s and MLA’s like Randy Boissonnault and Janice Irwin are inconsolable over this new bylaw proves a couple of things. First, it proves we cannot run from their tyranny. Their liberal influence is boundless, and insatiable. It does not respect border or territory.


Many have an earnest fantasy of moving somewhere remote, away from the dreadful politics of our modern age. But their fantasy is exactly that ­– a fantasy. There’s nowhere left to run; there’s nowhere left to hide. Looking for a refuge where the Janice Irwin, Justin Trudeau, and other radical activists leave you alone? No such place exists, except Heaven.


That means we’re out of options. There’s nothing we can do but legally resist the radical left’s advance, like by passing particular bylaws. If we don’t stand now, we’ll never be able to stand again. Westlock is yet another encouraging example of a people convicted enough about their corrupted leadership to do something about it. We have an obligation to follow suit.

 Secondly, this bylaw vote proves that there are wolves sheltered in our midst. In this instance, I am talking about the Mayor of Westlock, Mr. John Kramer. He’s a former Alliance Church associate pastor.** Yet in his public rebellion against Jesus Christ, launching a failed campaign to see Westlock vote “NO” on this bylaw, Mr. Kramer proves he’s not so much a shepherd leading sheep to safety, as he is a wolf leading lambs to the slaughter.

This is unsurprising. Jesus told us to be weary of wolves dressed like sheep, but our age is so deceptive and arrogant that the wolves don’t even wear disguises anymore. To his shame, Mr. Kramer shamelessly betrays the one he called “Lord,” and expects his town to be ensnared in deception with him. They proved their wisdom on Thursday night, however, and pierced a political spear through the heart of his lies. * **


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