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The #1 Reason To NOT Vote For Rachel Notley

I want to thank Rachel Notley for her generosity in giving us so many reasons to not vote for her.

High taxes, progressivism, socialism, and communist candidates; how many more warnings do we need to stay far away from the NDP? However, one warning wails louder than them all:

Rachel Notley and the NDP hate Alberta.

Want proof? They do everything they can to destroy our province, culture, and way of life.

As they work their hardest to tear Alberta down, the NDP might argue they’re doing so in order to “build our province back better,” but that’s a lie.

It would be one thing if the NDP tore down Alberta with the intention of restoring it to its former glory, like a mechanic tearing apart a classic car to complete a frame-off restoration. But in Rachel Notley’s case, it’s not that the NDP want to simply tear Alberta down; they want to replace it with something hideous.

For example, Alberta culture includes low taxes, heavy oil, farming, freedom, private markets, and hard work.

Rachel Notley, on the other hand, wants high taxes, no oil, restricted farming, tyranny, socialized markets, and welfare.

We see? Rachel Notley’s NDP and Alberta, aren’t compatible at all.

We don’t want the NDP to rule our province precisely because we love our province. Granted, entitled ideologues and politicians make it sound like it’s a terrible thing to love one’s province, but that’s only because they hate our province themselves.

Likewise, the NDP and other socialists attack and accuse us of being “nationalists” for saying “I love Alberta,” or “I love Canada,” but that’s only because they’re globalists and say “I love the world,” instead.

Think about how illogical it would be to once again elect Rachel Notley to the position of Premier.

No one would hire a coach that hates the Oilers to coach the Oilers, and no one would hire a teacher who hates young children to teach young children, so why would we elect a leader who hates Alberta to lead Alberta?

All the NDP want to do is destroy Alberta and take our way of life away.

After all, isn’t that the plan?

Isn’t the design to prepare the way for a global order? Doesn’t socialist ideology completely reject private rights and individuality? Doesn’t Rachel Notley treat every Albertan as if they’re mindless drones without the capacity to think?

Look at her—our hopeful premier—leader of Alberta’s NDP. Full of pomp and pride she exalts herself in the place of God and honours herself with glory and praise. All she wants is to control our province because she has the sole objective of tearing it down.

Let us be warned what will happen if we vote for socialism. If Rachel Notley and others like her rule Alberta, there won’t be an Alberta left to rule at all.

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Photo of Notley (edited) from: by: Dave Cournoyer


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