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Want To See The Progressive's "Paradise?" Just Look At Our Downtowns.

The only thing that’s utopian about progressivism is its ending.

Everything about progressivism is exactly opposite of what it claims to be. Progressives are perfect hypocrites. Even their dogma, progressivism, is an objective which itself doesn’t progress.

Art is another example of what I’m talking about. I’m a terrible artist. I might be the worst artist in the world. In fact, my art is so terrible that I might one day make a living as a modern artist.

Progressives act like their perfect society is one where everything’s beautiful, and where everyone spends all their time painting. But the reality they impose is very much different. A progressive society isn’t a beautiful society. A progressive society is a hideous society, because progressives hate everything that’s beautiful.

There is no beauty in progressive’s eyes, because beauty breeds inequality. Thus, everything in a progressive world is industrial. Everything is Soviet. Everything is the same.

Let me be clearer: in such societies, everything is operated by the state, and the state is omnipotent.

It has to be omnipotent, simply because it’s so ridiculously incompetent. Progressives cry out against capitalist monopoly, but at the same time, they form a government monopoly.

Their ideals and beliefs can’t stand five seconds against a proper scrutinization of truth, justice, rationality, and law. Thus, they take control of truth, justice, rationality, and law, in order that they might silence them.

In the market of ideas and discussion, progressives demand total control. They bar entry for any new challengers, and they evacuate any incumbents who pose a threat to their supremacy.

This is what’s happening in our cities. Progressive councils have conquered our governments. Radical mayors are running our towns. Progressives silence any objection that stands in their way. They’re imposing their fearful vision upon a frightened population, and it’s spreading like a virus throughout our country.

What we’re seeing in our major centers isn’t a utopian happiness. Instead, our downtowns are deteriorating into a desperate dystopia. People are sick, addicts are dying, families are frightened, and the spirit of God is gone.

It’s true that progressives are always moving. It’s just that, they’re moving our society towards death and destruction. But I know someone who never moves.

His name is Jesus Christ.

For all the instability and boredom progressives promote, Christ does the opposite. Following Him is exciting, precisely because I know what He’s going to do.

The cities of Earth are crumbling to the ground, but the city of Heaven remains steady and strong. The kingdoms of the world are collapsing, but the Kingdom of Heaven stands robust and eternal.

Let man make his choice. Will he be a citizen in the city of Gondek, or a citizen in the city of God? Will he be ruled in that cold, unfriendly, concrete jungle, called downtown, or will he be ruled in the warm, sunlit, beautiful, mansions in God’s Heavenly city where darkness is dead?


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