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Dear Liberals, We Need More Oil And Gas, Not Less

We need more oil and gas, not less.

Alberta just issued a level 3 power alert. That means that right now, we’re using a lot of electricity.

In fact, we’re consuming so much power that Alberta’s Electric System’s Operator (AESO) is begging us to turn off our air conditioning.

But can anyone be blamed for turning it on? Temperatures are soaring, the air is dry, and there isn’t much wind to cool things down.

That means there also means there isn’t much wind to spin wind turbines.

Herein lies the searing problem with power generated by wind and solar: It always seems to fail when you need it most. In times when you’re most desperate for power, the power isn’t there.

I am thinking of two particular extremes. Firstly, when it’s 40 degrees, and secondly, when it’s minus 40 degrees.

When it’s sweltering, the wind doesn’t blow. That means wind turbines can’t produce power, and, without some other form of generation, we can’t run our fridges, fans, or air conditioning units.

But the heat, at least when we’re shaded, isn’t deadly.

The cold, however, is. Can you imagine a world without power when it’s -40 outside? Apparently, the Liberals can, and it’s the world they want for us.

When it’s freezing cold, the wind doesn’t blow, and the sun, if it shines at all, doesn’t shine very long. And yet, those -40 days are exactly when we need our power most.

Right now, the electrical grid is being stressed to the limit. In fact, the only reason it hasn’t collapsed is because of oil and gas. But if the Liberal Government has its way, this is only the beginning of the many blackout warnings to come.

They’re demanding we transition to wind and solar on the grounds of morality. They certainly aren’t demanding we do so in the name of economics, because no positive economic argument can be made. Not even the mighty lying-Liberals can conjure a fable so factitious it sounds like it’s in our economic interest to turn from oil and gas.

But there’s nothing moral about using wind and solar power, just like how there’s nothing immoral about using oil.

There is, however, something immoral about forcing humans to suffer in the cold at the altar of one’s worship for Gaia. There is something hideously immoral in ripping our power production away in the name of lowering the world’s temperature by less than a degree.

So why are the Liberals pursuing these objectives? Even though our power grid is already working as hard as it can (and that’s without electric vehicles), why do the Liberals want to make it even more difficult to create electricity?

The answer is socialism. Electricity gives us freedom and autonomy from the government. The more power we have, the more we’re able to do on our own.

We don’t need to ask the Federal Government to heat our homes, because it’s so cheap to do so with oil and gas. We don’t need to beg the Feds for power, because oil and gas can produce an incredible amount of it without stress. If all that is taken away, we’ll have no choice but to radically alter our ways of life. Instead of focusing on how to vote out our current government, we’ll be forced to figure out how to keep our pipes from freezing.

What better way to keep a population under control?


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