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Kenney's (Easing) Restrictions Have Nothing To Do With Health

In a short statement uttered just a few days ago, Jason Kenney completely contradicted his previous, strong, guarantees (like he’s done so many times before) and admitted, “I can tell you in my own family, I'll be gathering with three family members, all fully vaccinated, we come from three households. But we wouldn't do that this Christmas based on the current rules.”*

That is, for the duration of this pandemic, all we’ve heard from MSM, politicians, bureaucrats, and oligarchs entrenched in the health authority is, “This is all about your health. We are doing all of this, the lockdowns, the closures, the job-losses, for your health and wellness.”

Nonsense. And Jason Kenney first admitted and now proved it by allowing Albertans to enjoy a “modest” relaxation of Covid rules over the Christmas celebrations. That is, “While the province is not increasing the number of people who can gather indoors — a maximum of 10 adults — the limit to the number of households that can gather indoors has been removed.”**

Is this about “health?” Absolutely not. And I would venture to hypothesize that if the civilized but disgruntled populous of Alberta hadn’t expressed their severe displeasure at these ridiculous laws, Kenney’s previous orders would’ve never been relaxed at all.

After all, Jason Kenney might admit, “…we wouldn't do that [gather] this Christmas based on the current rules.”, but why should we believe him? Isn’t this the same Jason Kenney that met with privileged members of his caucus on top of the Sky palace Cafe while everyone else was locked down or restricted?

One more thing.

Before AHS’s kangaroo courts were convened to dictate the trajectory of our lives, doctors never asked me my political sentiments. Admittingly, they still don’t, but what I mean is that when I was examined at a check-up or prescribed some medication after diagnosis of an illness, the doctor never made his profession political.

He never questioned me, “What is your political affiliation?” He never said to me, “You have a fever. Go home, rest, and abstain from public interaction to avoid spreading the virus, but only if you’re a liberal voter.” The doctor’s advice was the same for everyone, which made sense—doctor’s orders were never intended to be partisan because life is a non-partisan reality.

But now it isn’t! Health has become politicized, which means you can’t call it health at all. A doctor never thinks to himself, “My patient is pushing back against my order to take antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Oh well, I guess he’s right. I should back down.” But here are “experts,” like Dr. Hinshaw, speaking through puppets like Kenney, who relent on their restriction because of the political pushback they justly deserve.

Thus, it’s clear for all of us; Locking down for Covid 19, backlogging surgeries, forcing us to lose our jobs, mandating vaccines, and tying (in vain futility) to close Christmas, was never about health. Because if it were, it wouldn’t be so political.

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