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It's Time To Abolish Mask And Vaccine Mandates On Planes

Never, never, never, will any period of time be smooth or safe that is dominated by unhinged and unrestricted governments. They will not act in our favour; they will not act for our fortunes. I say so because by the very nature of being unrestricted, officials in government prove themselves to be exceedingly dangerous. The good man wants to be restricted lest he unduly harms others. The bad man wants to be unrestricted lest he is unable to “help” his citizenry.

The citizen must realize that once he yields to a near omni-component state, he is no longer the king of his castle, his home, but the subject of uncontrollable policy. Bureaucratic health officials, incompetent representatives, untrustworthy allies, traitorous public servants—all take their seats at the council of Covid or whatever other board one can think of on the declaration of “health and safety.”

All of us were excited to hear that America dropped its mask mandate on airlines because it was ruled to be illegal. But just how did our Canadian Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra, respond?*

“Omar Alghabra is giving no indication his government plans to drop its masking requirement for air and train passengers in Canada in the near future.

‘We constantly consult our experts and whenever the advice that we receive changes because the circumstances change, we will change our regulation,’ he said Tuesday. ‘But for now, it is what it is.’”

Note the difference between the two countries. On the one hand, there is a nation governed by law. On the other hand, there is a nation governed by (politicized) science, and the two are not the same.

Science is amoral. One can produce synthetic fertilizer to feed the planet or destroy a village. On the other hand, the law is the standard of morality itself. Science with moral law produces life-saving operations; science without morality produces a Frankenstein of horror.

When asked about this recent update of events, Mr. Trudeau replied,

“People want to stay safe but they also want to get back to the things they love. And the best way to do that is to lean in on what the science is telling us, what the experts are telling us, and make sure we move forward in the right way,”

What’s he talking about? Let’s return to our example with fertilizer.

If you combine Nitrogen and Hydrogen in a pressurized tank, you create synthesized NH3. But that tells you nothing about whether you should divert that new chemical towards feeding the world (through fertilizer), or blowing up a library. Only the moral law can tell you that the first option is excellent and that the second option is evil. Thus, unlike what Mr. Trudeau reports, science tells us nothing about what to do morally. Only law—a law he dismisses—can tell us what to do.

Nothing more needs to be said—the mask mandate on planes and other transportation, as well as the vaccine mandate—needs to be at once repealed in Canada. It’s not just; it’s not ethical. More than that, hasn’t every other civilized nation in the world, in this regard at least, capitulated to the rule of law and repealed such ridiculous mandates?

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