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What Is CommonPass

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

There is a great leviathan stirring the heart of Europe. Its slumber, nursing old wounds and building up strength, has ended. The continent is awakened once more, bent on the domination of the Earth.

But this time, it won’t conquer the new world by employing the old ways of Alexander The Great or Napoleon; that would be too messy. The ancient art of physical warfare presently yields most unsavoury results for every combatant and non-combatant alike in this nuclear age.

But it’s of no concern. Covid has provided this beast the opportunity to capture the nations near instantaneously, in a much more futuristic and forward-thinking way, without unnecessary bloodshed. The chaotic, fearful, and uncertain world clings to any sort of order, safety, and certainty; give it to them, and their allegiance shall follow.

Of course, nations are vastly different from each other. We very much doubt it will be that way for much longer. Soon, we will be one people, in one country, under one government, ruled by one man.

But for the moment, cultures retain their individuality. It's this uniqueness that must be destroyed during capture. At the very least, a centralized idol—all subjected peoples, Roman or not, hail Caesar—is necessary to communize the world.

The ravenous philanthropists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland recognized the opening Covid gave them to drive this new order, and they took it. The WEF joined forces with “The Commons Project,” and numerous other private and public partners, to design and pilot a preliminary Mark of the Beast called CommonPass.*

“CommonPass lets individuals access their lab results and vaccination records, and consent to have that information used to validate their COVID status without revealing any other underlying personal health information. And, The CommonPass platform assesses whether the individual’s lab test results or vaccination records (1) come from a trusted source, and (2) satisfy the health screening requirements of the country they want to enter. CommonPass delivers a simple yes/no answer as to whether the individual meets the current entry criteria, but the underlying health information stays in the individual’s control.”

Quite simply, CommonPass is an app that anyone can (soon to be “must”) download onto their phone. It’s a worldwide catalogue that provides governments with the information required to determine whether or not a tourist in their country is protected from Covid.

The brilliance of the strategy is that proponents will not call CommonPass the beginning of conquest because there is no conqueror. There is no army, no allegiance, no ideology, only safety. We don’t even know who’s making this app. This leviathan is a faceless creature with many names embodied in many organizations. And until Babylon’s true heir takes his tyrannical sceptre for seven years, leviathan is a conglomerate of mysterious institutions we can never hold to account. Like Winston discovered too late,**

‘Does Big Brother exist?’

‘Of course he exists. The Party exists. Big Brother is the embodiment of the Party.’

Will Big Brother ever die?’

‘Of course not. How could he die?

CommonPass is not a weapon, but another step in the evolution towards “good governance.” It used to be that someone like an economist offered his expertise to advise governments on effective fiscal and monetary policy. The government would act according to what they thought was best (whatever kept them in power), and people would demonstrate their approval or disapproval at the polls.

But not anymore. Now, governments are slaves to safety. A man’s looming bankruptcy hangs in the balance of his neighbour, who’s afraid to go outside until Covid numbers (which are unquestionably inflated) decrease. Covid dictates every law. If the leviathan were a harbinger of safety (perhaps using something like CommonPass), it could control the Earth.

So why stop at tourism? Right now, CommonPass is for travellers entering new countries, but why not take it one or two steps further? Why not legislate Covid identification to shop at grocery stores or go to theatres, laundromats, and gas stations? Soon we’ll need a vaccine to buy an apple, a global citizen card to fill up our car, and a microchip in the wrist to visit our parents.

“Oh but that’ll never be enforced.”

Won’t it?

*All information in the following paragraph is a direct quote from the CommonPass website here

** From Orwell, "1984" pg 327 available at:

To read more about the coming "leviathan," see Revelation 13

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