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Is It Radical To Say Canada's Becoming Communist? Not Anymore.

A fragile tension holds Canada hostage. Our county's nationalization and evolving power-band increasingly reminds us of the Russian twilight before the Soviet Union conquered its people.

Is it true that we’re becoming more communist?


1. Classed Society

The Oxford Dictionary defines communism as “a political movement that believes in an economic system in which the state controls the means of producing everything for the people. It aims to create a society in which everyone is treated equally.”*

The last sentence in that definition is intriguing. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, was recently asked if the vaccine passport introduced a classed society. She smiled, looked at the reporter, and said, “Yup.”**

It’s a brilliant strategy. Government officials are creating the classed society that they claim the people need liberation from! They cultivate and organize two classes—vaccinated and unvaccinated—and then say the class system needs to be destroyed! And make no mistake—it’s not a coincidence that the “oppressing” members of society that need to be extirpated tend to be capitalist and in favour of freedom.

Would we be so foolish as to believe that this isn’t happening in Canada? Of course it is. At every stage, we must repel it because it’s fundamentally contrary to the rule of law. In a healthy society, everyone is treated as equals under the law, but in a classed society, we are no longer equals but grouped individuals whose rights are dependent on our subjective choices. Like a dog who gets a treat only if he completes a trick, we are treated like humans only if we take a vaccine. If we refuse, we’re categorized as diseased, unclean, leapers.

What’s more dehumanizing than this? What about it is just or right? When have we ever studied history and concluded, “The party who enforced discrimination, or the senate that legislated a classed society, was good; theirs is the system I want to duplicate.”?


2. Economics

Our government is conjuring a more fearful and terrible economic storm than this country has ever known. Inflation is rumbling, mortgage rates are uneasy, the housing market hisses as it warns it’s about to rupture, and the market is groaning as our economic horizon looks pitch and ominous.

And when it crashes, and it will, who do we suppose will lord their “salvation” over us? Who do we suppose will triumphantly say, “See? Capitalism doesn’t work! Let us help you and reform our broken system and nationalize our economy.”?

3. Censorship

Of course, this pseudo-communist doctrine is so contrary to natural law that the only way to sustain its imposition, even for a little while, is to censor people’s ability to communicate truth. Free ideas cannot be allowed to manifest in a communist country because it would take a grand total of 5 seconds to demolish that demonic doctrine that Stalin applauded.

That is why the circulation of rumours of increasing censorship in our country is of the utmost concern.*` For what reason does the government censor us if not to silence truth? Of course, they say it’s to combat “hate speech,” but that’s nonsense, and everyone knows it. Everyone knows that Federal Parliament censors us because truth will not only challenge, but conquer, their ideology without breaking a sweat. Elena Gorokhova understood this when she said,

“The rules are simple: they [the government] lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.**`

Thus we hang our head in surrender as this tyranny draws its curtain across our country, and we ask, “Is all hope lost?”

Not at all!

I asked earlier if Canada is becoming a communist country, and replied, “absolutely.”

Is it also true that neighbours, family, friends, with increasing size and solidarity, are willing to defend their home from this ideological invasion?




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