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Is Jason Kenney A Liberal Plant?

An Orwellian power is assembling in Ottawa. The components of Marx’s nightmare are being imposed, piece by piece, across the dominion. No province feels the crush of this socialist central planning like Alberta. An Eden of natural resources—oil, freshwater, coal, farmland—treasured from High level to Coutts, are locked away by Liberal leadership and devastating policies, but our Premier doesn’t defend us. That’s why I’m wondering,

Do you think Jason Kenny is a Liberal plant?

1. Deception

Two years ago (it’s felt like 10), any man who asked that question would’ve been labelled a lunatic. The NDP inflicted severe wounds on our province. Our economy was a mess, families struggled to provide, the radical left hated oil (our #1 resource), and we were desperate. In shining armour, a respected politician in Alberta politics, branding himself as a Churchillian bulldog snarling at Trudeau, Jason Kenny captured the vote of Albertans (including mine) without so much as lifting a finger.

We discovered quickly, and regrettably, that we were deceived.

Kenney is not the man he claimed to be. From the inception of his rule, we realized his bark was far worse than his bite; he has no bite at all. And his bark that he vocalized so loudly on the campaign trail was immediately reduced to a whimper as though he discovered a monster more frightful than he possibly imagined.

2. Surprises

But the federal/provincial relationship didn’t take him by surprise, did it? How could it have, when he’s been involved in federal politics all his life? He’s a seasoned demagogue; his career made more protracted sheltered in Ottawa from Alberta’s judgement, and yet he acts like the disintegrating relationship between the Federal government, and Alberta surprises him? Something doesn’t make sense.

In addition to this, Premier Kenney just released a statement in response to Justin Trudeau's provocative promise to cap oil and gas in Canada, phase out coal by 2030, and eliminate fossil fuels by 2050? Here it is:

“I don’t know why they would make an announcement like this without consulting with the province that actually owns the overwhelming majority of Canada’s oil and gas reserves."*

Oh, but doesn’t he know why? How could Premier Kenney not know why Ottawa would make such an announcement? Does he suppose Prime Minister Trudeau respects us? Does he suppose Ottawa cares about what Alberta thinks or wants? I hope not. Because if he does, it means our Premier is living in a simulated fantasy so far removed from reality it’s practically a miracle.

3. Diversion

Of course, this is politics we’re discussing, and nothing is as it seems. Everything is a diversion, a misdirection, a calculated and strategic move to advance aims we have never heard of. Is it possible that Kenney is compromised, that he’s in league with a united band of politicians, and that he’s working to weaken the walls of our province from behind the walls? Why ask this?

  1. No real fight on the carbon tax

  2. “Strongly worded letters” in response to Trudeau’s egregious policy and nothing else

  3. Rules the UCP with an iron fist

  4. Vaccine passports

  5. Rule by an oligarch of experts

  6. Numerous MLA’s resigning their faith in Kenney and willing to be ex-communicated from the party for it

  7. Closing businesses

  8. Imprisoning pastors

And so on.

Does that sound like the work of a conservative who champions freedom or a progressive liberal? For a moment, we hang our heads low as we realize the question doesn’t need to be answered.

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1 comentario

04 nov 2021

There’s more to Kenney than most the general public knows.

Me gusta
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