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Reflections On The Freedom Rally

1. Rally

Over the weekend, my family and I attended the freedom rally at the Alberta Legislature. I was proud to be one of the thousands of Albertans, not only at the Legislature, but across the whole expanse of the province, demonstrating their devotion to the cause of freedom. The entire event was phenomenal; it was, perhaps, the most fun I’ve had in two years.

When we first arrived around 12 o’clock, the Legislature was already saturated with protestors and families. Flags were flying everywhere, people had custom signs they happily displayed, and everyone was enjoying each other’s company. The sun was warm, the weather was wonderful, and an undeniable spirit of renewed vigour and resolution electrified the air for the first time in a long time.

Just being with others was enjoyable enough, but then the convoy’s cavalry arrived. As the semis commenced their march down downtown’s block, everyone rushed to the sidewalk to try and catch a glimpse of the parade. Horns started honking, people cheered louder and louder, and the whole Legislature shook like thunder as the unified voice of Albertans drowned out the rumble of the diesel engines with fantastic power.

The rally lasted for hours, but it felt like minutes.

2. MSM

After returning home, I decided to watch the news. I never do that, but I was interested to see what the MSM was reporting.

I turned on the channel and was immediately frustrated (though not surprised).

In the first place, the MSM was careful to capture strategic shots of the protest early in the morning, making the rally seem malnourished and unimpressive. Had they surveyed the crowd even an hour later, when the protest actually started, the news might’ve reported something closer to the true size and solidarity of the movement (like what's displayed in the photo below).

In the second place, this is one of the greatest protests in Canadian history. Our convoy has captured the hearts of countless millions worldwide. Why then does the news think it’s sufficient to dedicate one or two minutes to it and nothing more? One would rationally assume this protest would have 24/7 coverage…apparently not.

3. Lies

Lastly, and this is perhaps the most infuriating, I have seen many on the media and social media call this protest a “White Supremacist Movement.”

What utter nonsense.

It’s an insulting and appalling accusation precisely because it’s not true. This movement has never been about age, gender, race, or even vaccination status. It’s about reversing the contemptible mandates our government has imposed on us at their whit and whim. Does such a protest constitute “white supremacy,” “racism,” or some other “far-right extremist movement?” Not at all; shame on the media outlets who call it so.

As a matter of fact, that sort of inflamed rhetoric is the exact reason we’re protesting. Hard-working Albertans are tired of being slandered. We're tired of being accused of sins of which we're not guilty. We’re tired of being publicly shamed because we disagree with ideologues believing it’s better to force a man to live underground and try to outlast a virus that will surely outlast him.

Thus, let’s keep rallying for freedom! Let's keep the momentum rolling! Besides, what do the Liberals and others have to worry about? We are, after all, just a “small fringe minority.”

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Feb 17, 2022

I couldn't agree more! On January 29, I stood at a local intersection at a mini-protest. We held up signs -"Make Canada Great Again" was my fave- and stood there in blowing snow to show our solidarity with the truckers. It was the most fun I've had in quite a while! It was so liberating to actually stand for what I believe in public. Now I'm thinking Scripture signs would be fun, come summer... :)


Feb 04, 2022

I sincerely appreciate your perspective. You are even-keeled, articulated, concise and logical In your arguments . You offer insight and suggestions. Thank you for your efforts to get the message out there.


Jan 31, 2022

Woohoo! Way to go Tanner! Truth is NOT relative, and you are telling it:)

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