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Alberta, Never, Never, Never Give In!

The first year of this “civil war” is over. The second year is underway. Already, we have suffered calculated charges by the government to crush our hopes and destroy our spirits.

Great Britain weathered a hail of bombs every night during the first year of the war. In the same way, we are repeatedly hurled with vicious accusations, “white supremacist,* racist, right-wing extremist, conspiracy theorist,” all of them baseless, wicked, and false, dripping with a zealous vitriol and arrogance that receives no approval from the Almighty God.

Thus it is clear that the whole fury of those wanting to remake our society is upon us. Jason Kenney, Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, and Justin Trudeau know that they will have to break our stubborn resistance or fail in their plans.

The Struggle

So who still has the nerve to say that we are not being ruled by an iron sceptre? Even those who propagate lockdowns, mandatory masking, and mandatory vaccinations, have altered their argument. Whereas, once they tried to reassure an apprehensive (and wise) people that the government’s capital of power was neither dangerous nor unjustified, now, they simply state, “These measures are harsh and necessary to keep you people, too stupid and uncaring to understand danger, in line.” Leaders like Jason Kenney agree with such sentiments.** It’s our fault the measures are as strict as they are; never, perhaps, the fault of the government who put them in place.

The bureaucracy’s subjection of the citizen was so effective, and their techniques of manipulation were so masterful, that a dedicated study of them could compose a new Art of War, training ambitious young politicians how to subdue a nation without touching a trigger.

At first, Premier Kenney’s government (any Canadian government, for that matter) was a coddling mother, a kind and concerned nurse, caring for the safety of its citizens. Even if a few of us were suspicious of her true intentions, that is the outward appearance she chose to costume.

But now, her mask has melted, and a medusa has been revealed. She was never a mother; nothing about her is caring. She is a cold, unemotional, terrifying machine of whom we are her experiments.

After evading this gorgon for so long, we are tired, weary, and worn down. All of our arguments, our posts on Facebook, our speeches at rallies, seem futile, like voices in a wilderness trying to warn a city 20 miles away of imminent invasion. The government has achieved this by brutish and imperious tactics. Do we question their ethics? We are shouted down. Do we say our leaders are too powerful? We are branded irrational fools. If we offer a logical argument, they reply with screaming and shouting—they are heard louder and clearer.

As a consequence, we catch ourselves musing, “What’s the point of all this? Why fight? My neighbours hate me, some of my family no longer talks to me, and I am ridiculed at work. What for? Why not just keep my head down, make what living I can, and focus on my family at home?”

It’s difficult to walk into a grocery store and receive snarling glares from others who are wearing masks, stressful to worry about having a friend over in case your neighbour phones the police, and depressing wanting to go to church, but discovering all but a few have closed and finding open ones in danger of being charged.

Never Surrender

All this is true, but let us be encouraged by remembering that few diseases are as deadly as an infectious discouragement and apathy without remedy. On the contrary, will we not serve with pride as we realize that we have an exceedingly rare and treasured privilege, a privilege that has only been gifted to sliver humanity throughout the ages, to fight for, defend, and win our freedom?

For most of history, men were born into slavery. Or if they weren’t, they were ruled by a tyrant, an elite oligarchy, or a ruthless king. Their officials were always corrupt (some things never change). Rebellion, resistance, a chance to change the political structure of the land to reflect justice, was a dream so far removed from reality not even the insane would conceive of it.

But we are an exception. Before us is a precious opportunity, that almost none have ever so much as gazed upon, to employ legal and just measures defending our cherished freedom and refusing to let it be resigned. We know that if we do not bow, if we exercise indomitable courage and unconquerable will, unfazed by the glares, accusations, and growls, our cause will only strengthen as more and more new friends, emboldened by our display, join our side. We will then succeed, and our descendants, even if they never know our names, will reap the blessings of the liberation of the old.

Capitulate now and surrender to discouragement, which I am fully confident we will not, we do not exaggerate when we warn that our humanity will be crushed and persecuted as it sinks, like Churchill said, “into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”*`

But if we persevere in resistance, looking at this medusa straight in the eye, knowing she is powerless when challenged with the banner of the cross, and tell her, “What you’re doing is wrong, and I will not follow,” happiness and joy will once again shine on the nation as the power she wields, solidified by fear, dissolves.

*See Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi's remarks here

** See Jason Kenney's remarks here

*` See Winston Churchill's, "Their Finest Hour speech," here

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