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Canada's KGB | Freeland's Bodyguard

Welcome to Canada. Apparently, we’re a free country. That is, we’re a free country, only so long as we don’t exercise those freedoms.


The truckers are a good example of that. Canada’s constitution clearly defines what rights all citizens have. The truckers read those rights, and peacefully demonstrated them in Ottawa.


But for Trudeau, it didn’t matter. He seized bank accounts, and locked Canadians. He doesn’t believe the rights of Canadians are really rights, because he acts like they’re dependent on his personal pleasure and will.


Rebel News reporter David Menzies is another, more recent, example of this corruption infecting society. By now, all of us have seen the video of Menzies being arrested by weak men with weaker constitutions. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


It appears Canada has a KGB; it just goes by a different acronym.


Think about it. Menzies being arrested for “assault” is totally absurd. Clearly, he didn’t assault anyone.


Then again, for a corrupt, bureaucratic, enforcement operation, the legitimacy of the charge doesn’t matter.


They could’ve charged Menzies with wearing a hat, or walking too close to the finance minister. They had their reasons for wanting to arrest Menzies; they just weren’t legal reasons.


All of this is a grim prophecy of Canada’s future. Soon, we won’t even get the dignity of being arrested with a fake charge. Those the government wants arrested will simply vanish overnight.


There won’t be a need to charge men with crimes, because crimes will no longer exist. Canada’s new KGB could merely say, “You’re making person X feel unsafe,” or, “You’re using hate speech,” or, “You’re putting person Y in mental distress.”

I dread the day we no longer use law to determine whether a man ought to be arrested, but the convoluted world of health. The day we arrest men, not after they’ve committed a crime, but to prevent them from committing a crime, is the day we turn into a totalitarian country.


Are we already there?


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