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No, Catherine McKenna, Conservatives Aren't The Arsonists

Catherine McKenna, butcher of the Canadian oil and gas industry, and former Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada, just said,

You can feel the vitriol in Mckenna’s quote. You can sense the unhinged levels of hatred protruding from her words.

More than that, Conservatives aren’t the arsonists that started the fires. An arsonist is someone who starts a fire with the intent of damaging property. The Conservatives, of the kind McKenna’s talking about, are those who resist carbon taxes.

Believe it or not, resisting a carbon tax and striking a match are different actions; saying “No!” to a carbon tax isn’t the same thing as starting a fire to destroy personal possessions.

For the Liberals, it doesn’t matter, and that’s horrifically terrifying. Think about it. Suppose the Liberals begin to label people “arsonists” for opposing a carbon tax. If they’re labelled arsonists, they can be charged with arson, even though they haven’t committed any actual crime.

It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m actually not.

Remember what happened over the last three years? People who refused to abide by government’s tyrannical mandates were practically accused of killing their neighbours. People who refused to be injected with a foreign substance were labelled cruel and careless men and women who cared only about themselves.

In the future, as a government, you could say that people who refuse to obey your will are a danger to society, and thus, need to be imprisoned. You could label any political opponent, or any dissenting voter, anything you wanted. You could throw innocent men in jail, and release guilty men into the streets.

The irony of this story is that, while the government is busy labelling innocent men with guilty terms, they are labelling guilty men with innocent terms! Instead of calling the Conservatives innocent, and focusing on the arsonists, McKenna acts like the arsonists are innocent, and chooses to focus on the Conservatives.

However, I look at McKenna and see a label she cannot escape. Branded on her forehead is ominous term, “SINNER.”

It’s a title that all people naturally have. All of us are sinners because we’re descended from Adam and Eve.

It’s a label that will condemn everyone at the judgement, unless we are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. By His blood, we’re washed from our sins, emancipated from our old label, and are marked with a new one that says, “CHILD OF GOD.


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