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Want To Solve The Housing Crisis? Trudeau Needs To Go

The CMHC just said Canada needs 3.5 million new housing units by 2030. That’s an impossible requirement. It would need a miracle as mighty as parting the Red Sea – a difficult ask considering God isn’t currently on our government’s side.

Besides, I have a better, more rational, idea for solving Canada’s housing crisis. Remove Justin Trudeau from office, and ensure that all his policies, plans, and requirements, relating to housing are revoked.

I do not doubt that Mr. Trudeau wants to see every Canadian in a house. But we’d be foolish to think that means he wants to see every Canadian in an individual house.

No, Mr. Trudeau wants to see every Canadian in a house, it’s just that, he wants to see every Canadian in the House of Commons.

I don’t mean he wants every Canadian sitting as an MP. Rather, Trudeau wants to see every Canadian pleading with the House of Commons for roofs over their heads and beds to sleep on at night. He want the government to be the shelter that people run to for safety, security, and life.

Canada is in a housing crisis. For Trudeau, it’s a gift. As more and more people are priced out of their homes, they look to the only house that seemingly welcomes them without a 7% mortgage payment – The House of Commons.

There, they take refuge. Government gives them cheques, welfare, daycare, and other provisions these poor families otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

In an instant, Trudeau’s conquered more control. No one bites the hand that feeds him, and fathers certainly don’t lash out at the hand that feeds their children.

Of course, the House of Commons is more like a haunted house than anything else. In a home, families help each other without expectation of payback or reward. They are loyal to each other to the nth, even in spite of any differences they might have.

Not so in Ottawa.

A man is welcome in the House of Commons, only so long as he abides by government’s dictates and rules. Those who oppose Trudeau are ridiculed, mocked, and hated. They’re shouted down from the benches, and they’re preyed on by a gang of grizzly wolves, sitting beside the Prime Minister, who refuse to think for themselves.

Every trade that comes from Trudeau’s house is a trick. Every promise is a deception. Everything Mr. Trudeau gives Canadians was first captured from those same Canadians. Our government takes with its left hand and gives with its right. They take 50% of our income, and act like they’re generous, benevolent, gods, because they give 10% of it back. Photo of Trudeau (edited) from:

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Nov 13, 2023

Public housing and the economic incentives / investments by the federal government were abandoned long before Trudeau.

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