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Canada Doesn't Like Trudeau, But That's Because Trudeau Doesn't Like Canada

One man’s misfortune is another country’s blessing. No one was in a rush to fly Justin Trudeau home. His plane in India was delayed, and Canadians were content to see it delayed for a very long time.

On the one hand, it’s a tragic thing to be despised by one’s country. On the other hand, Trudeau despises his country. He’s a fan who cheers for the other team. He’s a coach who sabotages his own bench. Why should a man expect to be welcomed in a home when he’s always trying to tear down the home?

That is, Trudeau’s not very welcome in Canada, but that’s because he’s trying to destroy Canada. The term “Canadian” is losing value because Trudeau’s making everyone Canadian. We have a Prime Minister who fashions himself to be the Prime Minister of everyone except those he claims to represent.

Ukraine is given countless billions while our veterans are homeless. Foreign nationals are ushered into our country, even as Canadians are struggling with joblessness. Mr. Trudeau takes from Canadians, and gives it away to anyone who isn’t Canadian.

If Trudeau does these things, in part, to be liked by the world, then his plan is failing miserably. His plot to be loved by everyone has led to his being despised by all. World leaders barely seem to tolerate him. The news no longer talks about him (in a positive light, anyway). And, people around the globe mock our “Sunny ways,” sunshine, Prime Minister, who’s blanketed the nation in a depressing shade of grey.

There’s a rule of friendship, and it’s that those who seek to please everyone will end up pleasing no one. Those who say “yes” to everyone will find that people say “no” to them in return.

By trying to appease every nation, and satisfy every politically correct demand, Mr. Trudeau’s discovering he hasn’t satisfied anyone. The people of India didn’t want Mr. Trudeau to stay in their country any longer than he had to. The people of Canada feel the same.

Granted, being despised by one’s home isn’t automatically indicative of unrighteousness. Even Christ was hated by Nazareth. But the differences between Christ and Trudeau are stark. Christ was despised because he stood for something. Trudeau’s despised because he stands for nothing.

Perhaps Mr. Trudeau feels betrayed by Canada. But hasn’t Mr. Trudeau betrayed Canada first? His entire purpose, as leader of Canada, has been to lead it into a progressive pit. Inflation, unrighteousness, immorality, lawlessness; these are the consequences of a Liberal government’s reign. Photo of Trudeau (edited) from:

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