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Proud Of My Country | Ashamed Of My Government

If I had to describe Canada as it actually is, and not how our government portrays it, I would call us a "chivalrous country."

Canadians are simultaneously fierce in the fires of battle, and friendly in eras of peace. They’re your best friends in times of tranquility, and greatest allies in the presence of combat. They’re the friends you want to have a coffee with on an easy Saturday morning, and they’re the soldiers you want to fight beside in the chaos of war.

That’s chivalry; that’s Canada.

Canadians are a sort of sleeping giant, never to be stirred from their slumber. The unfortunate souls who awaken the Canucks discover their mistake too late as they unleash a hive of furious hornets, incensed with the crimes of injustice and oppression, and ready to persevere until their opposition surrenders.

There are many nations, born in blood, who cultivate their national identity in war. Others are the opposite, never fighting at all, preferring instead to let others lay down their lives for them.

But Canada’s a special combination because we’re neither pacifist nor war monger. We don’t seek out war, but we’re not scared of it, either.

Justin Trudeau’s government, however, not only seeks out war, but cowers when it comes. They’re supposed to represent Canada, but in truth, they represent everything but Canada.

To demonstrate how vast the expanse is between the Canadian people and our current Canadian government, think about the trucker convoy.

We tolerated the government’s tyrannical actions for a long time—too long. But we were patient, and we conducted ourselves respectfully as the government continued to crush our rights and freedoms.

But then government pushed us too far.

When Trudeau’s actions threatened our homes, incomes, economic autonomy, lives, and the lives of our families, Canadians mounted the most magnificent convoy in our history, demanding the attention of not just our government, but the entire world.

The most miraculous thing of all was that the peaceful nature of the convoy. In a situation that could’ve deteriorated into something extremely volatile, not a single shot was fired. No one was hurt (except, of course, those who were hurt by government officers).

On the one hand, Canadians were fierce; we wanted our democracy back, and we were going get it.

On the other hand, Canadians were meek. We protested peacefully, legally, and properly, without ever allowing the convoy and flanking protests to disintegrate into extremism.

Compare that with our government. They’re the ones who took our democracy away. They stole it from us, and they weren’t interested in giving it back. But when we arrived to engage in peaceful negotiation, the government retreated into a pathetic position of baseless accusations and a war measures act.

Thus, the problem in Canada is clear this Canada day:

Canadians are ruled by anti-Canadian leaders.

The old Canadian governments were known for supporting rights and freedoms; the new Canadian government is known for supporting anything but. Canadians are renown for their humility; our federal government is renown for their arrogance and pride. Our farmers, roughnecks, fishermen, loggers, and engineers, are exceptionally hard workers. The Federal Government, however, hardly works, and if they do, it’s to put other Canadians out of work.

Finally, the most important distinction of all is that Canada’s built on the supremacy of God, but our government wants to become God. We recognize the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ, but government wants us to recognize the supremacy of the Lord Justin Trudeau.

We won’t.

The difference(s) between Jesus Christ and Justin Trudeau are unmistakable. Christ pledges allegiance to us, even dying on the cross for our sins. Justin Trudeau pledges allegiance to anyone except for us, putting innocent Canadians in prison for his sins.

As Canadians, we refuse to pledge allegiance to Trudeau’s government because they’re everything Canadians aren’t. How can we be expected to serve the Members of Parliament when they refuse to serve us? Our leaders act like we should be proud of our government and ashamed of our country. In reality, it’s the inverse. We’re proud of our country; we’re ashamed of our government.

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Jul 15, 2023

You, Tanner are one truly enlightened and very intelligent human being, for which I am grateful to have met and chatted with. I very much enjoy your writings, speeches and many other wonderful attributes. By all means, keep on keeping on, even if it annoys those that think they are better than the all mighty, all knowing and all seeing creator, which they are not. 🤠🗣️👀


Jul 14, 2023

I'm proud of our veterans who fought and bled for freedom of speech; I'm proud of lay volunteers who give of their time to make their communities better; I'm proud of moms and dads who figure out how to care for their own children within their families despite the high cost of living; I'm proud of principled people who work in their jobs doing what is right despite a hostile work environment. I'm proud of my fellow believers in Christ who are willing to share their faith and risk offending feelings to save a soul from judgement. I'm proud of Tanner Hnidey who is willing to write these posts and let us have our say on his website.

I have…

beau didly
beau didly
Jul 15, 2023
Replying to

We're of the same frame, brother in Christ, we'll keep praying for Tanner's protection from the evil government of Canada.


beau didly
beau didly
Jul 01, 2023

U-Tube THE GREAT AWAKENING----Movie documentary, proves Canada is in the hands of

The WEF Klaus Schwab......Spread this Movie Documentary far and wide, to help defeat

The New World GODLESS Order.


Jul 01, 2023

The current Liberal government in Canada does not represent voters Interests. The Liberals work for the interests of WEF. WEF is a unelected group of dictators that are working hard to take away Canadians Rights and Freedoms. At this point in history I Do Not believe the Liberals are our Government, they are WEF. Happy Canada Day Freedom Fighters!


Jul 01, 2023

Very well written, I appreciate it very much. Depicts mixed feelings I’ve had for celebrating Canada Day for the past 3 years.

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