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Forcing Us To Suffer In The Cold Is Part Of Their Plan

Despicable men are more concerned about their homes than they are about their families who live in the homes.

Likewise, disagreeable politicians, like ours in the Federal Government, care more about the world than they do the people living in the world. They care more about Canada than they do Canadians.

The tragic irony of their strategy is that a planet without people isn’t worth saving, and the only way to save a planet is to put people on it.

For the Liberals, it doesn’t matter. Their latest energy announcement proves that.

Their proposal to eliminate hydrocarbons and combustible fuels as a source of electricity serves to show how little they care for common Canadians (especially in the west).

But when we ask the Liberals, “Why are you doing this? Why are you seizing our oil and gas?”, their answer isn’t so easy as, “We’re saving the world.” Granted, that’s what they say they’re doing, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. If anything, the fact that the Liberals say something probably means it’s more likely to be false.

If the government really wanted to clean up the planet, they’d unlock more oil and gas instead of locking all of it away. History and logic prove it. If our government wanted to save the Earth, they’d do exactly the opposite of what they’re doing right now. But what if the Liberals weren’t trying to save the Earth? What if they had a different objective?

I used to be convinced AntiChrist would be a socialist. Now, I’m convinced he’ll be anything but a socialist. I used to think he’d be an eco-radical. Now, I think he’ll conquer the eco-radical movement.

We know that men like Justin Trudeau serve AntiChrist. They might serve him willingly or unwillingly, but they serve him all the same.

So, what if our leaders are injecting all of this chaos and insanity into the world, so that, when AntiChrist does come, people will flock to him?

What if our liberal leaders are creating a sea of chaos so terrible and fierce that people champion a man whom they believe is the only man who can save them? What if our leaders are plunging Canada into the freezing dark, so those in the country will eagerly reach for the hand of the man who promises to haul it back into the light?

They’ll discover too late that Antichrist’s light is a lie.


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