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Dear Activists, Arson Isn’t Climate Change

Most politicians are magicians. They’re not very good magicians, but they’re magicians, nonetheless. Their entire lives are focused on mastering sleight-of-hand.

Master magicians can take a card and turn it into a different card. Seasoned politicians can take the effect of a policy and turn it into a cause.

For example, prices are rising because of high inflation, but our politicians make it sound like inflation is rising because of high prices. The two are not the same.

Likewise, I’ve read multiple articles that focus on climate change’s role in wildfires, instead of, you know, actual arsonists striking the match.

Arson isn’t climate change. It never has been, and it never will be.

But our politicians are so blind, and radical activists are so thirsty for war against oil and gas, that when fires are breaking out across the nation, they cry more about climate change then they do about the criminals.

Isn’t it strange? Suppose a row of houses went up in flames. Can you imagine the police officer saying, “Well, that’s what those families get for building their homes so close together.”? It would be totally absurd. The fact that a row of houses built too closely together caught on fire doesn’t negate the fact that someone started the fire.

We now know that fires in the NWT are being started by younger individuals. To the credit of the police, those arsonists have been arrested, or are in the process of being caught.

But the MSM’s been suspiciously quiet about this scandal. Instead, they’re focusing on the orange sky, the smoke, and the consuming fire, itself.

I do not deny that this year’s been dry, but I also do not deny that last year was wet. I am not a scientist, but even I know the truth that the climate’s changing. The climate’s always been changing. That’s what a climate is.

Once upon a time, humanity held this to be a truism. Everyone accepted that the climate changed minute by minute, because it did, and still does. “It sure is hot out today,” or, “I hope it rains later,” or, “Man, it’s cold for this time of year,” are universal greetings, simply because they’re so non-confrontational. Lightly discussing changes in the weather is the gold-standard of small talk, precisely because it’s so obvious that no arguments or ill-feelings can arise out of it. But humanity no longer holds a changing climate to be a truism. Or, to be more accurate, humanity no longer holds that a changing climate is normal to be a truism.

One day, a few activists decided to dispute that climate change was a practical reality. Perhaps they did so for a variety of reasons, but the damage has already been done. Today, no what knows what a “normal” climate is. If the climate’s changing too much it’s bad. If the climate’s changing too little, it’s bad. If the climate’s hot, it’s too hot. If the climate’s wet, it’s too wet.

Once, humanity held that the world was made for man. Now, we fight fervently against the activists who say that man was made for the world. Liberals care more about the house than they do the family inside the house. They’d rather save the house than save the people who dwell in it. They’d evacuate a family from a home if only it meant saving the home. We remember what Chesterton said,

Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.

Chesterton was right, but it goes even further. Fires have been kindled, but they’ve been kindled to prove that fires are harming our forests. Swords have been drawn, but they have been drawn to prove that they can kill.

Like everything else, the activists have it exactly backwards. An honest man opens his mind, looks for proof and evidence, and draws a conclusion from what he discovers. But an activist first draws a conclusion, and then artificially plants proof and evidence, in order to close off his mind from the truth. I

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