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A Defence Of Fatherhood

“My dad is my hero,” our children often say. The older we get, the more we realize how right they are. Our fathers are our heroes because our fathers are heroic.

They’re also increasingly rare. What else should we expect? Progressives neutered society of its masculinity and courage, and fatherhood is the most courageous and masculine act of all. Cowards abandon their families; brave men stay by their family’s side.

It takes a courageous man to be a father, not because he’s scared of his wife and children, but because being a father means defending a sanctuary. His house is his family’s castle, of which he is King and Commander-in-Chief, and he does more than just defend their domain. He also wages an everlasting campaign in this wild wilderness we call, “The World.”

Thus, our fathers are modern knights. While they might not battle on battlefields, they battle every day in the office or shop, waging a ferocious war against mental enemies like boredom, or the physical sting of sweat soaking into their eyes.

In spite of all this, we’re generally ignorant of our fathers’ trials until we become fathers ourselves. The reason this is so is because, like the valiant knights of old, our fathers wear visors to cover their faces.

The only difference is that while medieval visors were visible, modern ones are invisible. Both serve the same purpose—to project a cool, stoic countenance during hardship and affliction, because fathers, like all men, are often afraid, but they pull their visors low and silently atlas the heavy stresses of life so their children don’t have to.

In this, it's clear that being a father means being a man, and being a man often means being a father.

Being both means being like Jesus Christ.

That’s why radical progressives hate masculinity and fatherhood. Tolerating such virtue means tolerating an image of Christ. How could they do so when, instead of worshipping Christ, they worship imposters like Marx or Guevara who were the precise opposite of what masculinity is?

As such, masculine men and fatherhood are under attack. If these foundational bastions fall, it guarantees our society’s doom. Ideologues want to dismantle fathers and fatherhood because they want to watch Christian civilization crumble to the ground. We can’t allow that to happen. For we know—like the enemies of masculinity know—that the abolition of man begins with the abolition of men.

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5 opmerkingen

19 jun. 2023


Your wise words are a breath of fresh air. May God continue to lead you and guide you and make you a blessing! 🙏🥰🙏


beau didly
beau didly
19 jun. 2023

Thank you for standing on the frontline of life Tanner, many of us old dads and grand-dads can certainly use some of the God given wisdom you set forth, Bless you. 😊


Very well said Tanner.


Wonderfully written Tanner ❤️


18 jun. 2023

Another well written piece Tanner. Thank and bless you for your time, efforts and wonderful words of wisdom, from such a young man. It is truly heart warming and uplifting to say the least. Be sure to have a great and wonderful day with your father. Be sure to count your blessings and you'll note there are many... 🤠👔🍁

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