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Canada's Government Is Broken

Pierre Poilievre was just kicked out of the House of Commons for calling Justin Trudeau a “Wacko.”


It’s no wonder Poilievre was kicked out. The House of Commons doesn’t allow truth to be spoken in its chamber.


The problem with our political process is immediately apparent. On the one hand, it’s “unparliamentary” to call Justin Trudeau insane.


On the other hand, Justin Trudeau and his policies are insane.


So, what is the political opposition supposed to do? If they refuse to speak truth in the House, they do Canadians (and themselves) a gross disservice. However, if they do speak truth in the House, they’re removed from the chamber, and are eventually exiled into the political wilderness.

What’s most infuriating is that while politicians aren’t allowed to speak truth in the House, they’re certainly allowed to lie. They can say the most wild and wicked things, all of them false, and yet aren’t banished from Question Period.


Mr. Trudeau tells us the economy is strong (lie); Mrs. Freeland tells us the housing market is healing (lie), and Mr. Guilbeault tells us Canadians are better off with a carbon tax (lie), but none of them are removed from debate.


Instead, all our leaders care about is calling each other their “proper” names. Of course, what they call themselves right now is entirely improper. “The Right Honourable” is perhaps the most inaccurate title conceivable. It’s far more accurate to call our leaders “The Right Dishonourable,” or “The Right Ridiculous” than it is to call them “honourable” or “venerated.”

What, then, are our leaders who actually care about truth supposed to do? Should they stay silent in the House, or proclaim the truth as it’s meant to be proclaimed? Paul has the answer in Romans 13:1-2:


For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God…


And, in v.4, he [the leader] is God's servant…


Thus, our leaders have a responsibility to serve the Lord and fear Him. They have to follow His commands, and do what He requires of those placed in positions of leadership. Put simply, they must fear God, and not men.


That means speaking truth in the House, no matter the cost.

And, as for their petty concerns about “Name calling” in the House, our politicians would be wise to humble themselves and remember what we all called the King of Kings as He languished at the center of the cross.

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As you say, Tanner, Trudeau can lie all he wants and most of us know it is all lies. Our country is so broken, and I lament over it, but I know Christ is in control and I trust him over man.

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