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Since December, 183 Athletes And Coaches Have Collapsed | 108 Of Them Died

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

From the commencement of the Covid vaccination campaign in December 2020, 183 professional athletes and coaches have “suddenly collapsed.”*

108 of them died.

One might defensively reply, “Yes, but I’m sure the victims were older and out of shape.” (Why don’t they ever say that with severe Covid cases?), but the contrary is true. The vast majority of those who died were between the ages of 17-40.

You’d think that none of the three figures—the collapsed, the dead, and the age—are statistically insignificant, and you’d be right. The unexpected and unprecedented sudden failure of disciplined, trained, and strong athletes should demand any observer do a double-take and wonder, even just for a moment, “what’s going on?”

But if those three constituents in this mystery weren’t reason enough to warrant investigation, perhaps a fourth will be. In the majority of the cases, “the cause of the collapse was related to the heart, such as myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks or cardiac arrest, with the second most frequent cause being cases of clotting.”

How many more “random factors” do we require to be suspicious? The undeniable fact that the majority of the victims due to heart conditions—specifically blood—should pique every investigator’s interest.

Perhaps what’s most peculiar (or not peculiar at all, depending on your point of view) is the Mainstream Media’s demonstrable silence on the whole tragedy. At least from the CBC (and probably in America), I’ve heard no reports, no stories, no investigations, and no headlines capturing the reality that exceptional athletes are collapsing all over the world. Isn’t that something worth reporting about?

Some might reply, “Well, it might be, except that athletes die every year due to hyper-stress, over-working the heart, fatigue, etc.” Perhaps, but this year the increase (at least among FIFA athletes—some of the highest caliber athletes in the world) in cardiovascular death has increased 500%,** which is statistically significant. It’s not a “random occurrence.” Something is sabotaging the player’s bodies.

We are not prepared to say exactly what or who that saboteur is. We might have theories, but in reality, we don't know why this is happening until more information is revealed. Correlation doesn’t imply causation. All we want is an investigation. After all, who wouldn't want one? Surely the player’s families want to know what happened, and so do we. Why such malice sniped against those who want to discover the truth, unless, perhaps, people are afraid of what it might uncover?

*Unless otherwise states, all facts and reports in this article have been cited from here: , link to the players that have collapsed here :

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