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Yes, Vaccine Passports Are Evil

Sufficient resistance to vaccine passports has yet to develop, but it’s gaining momentum.

For the moment, we know what these new passports are, at least publicly, intended to accomplish. They’re required for a person to enter certain places of business, parks, arenas, and other venues.

“Well, there’s nothing sinister so far (or so we think). Vaccine passports just seem to encourage the safety of the citizen and the nation.”

But it’s so much worse than that.

1. Human Activity

Why are we allowed to enjoy human activities? Why can we go to school and study philosophy, shop for our favourite foods, or participate in astronomy gatherings at our local science centre?

We’re allowed to do these things precisely because of who we are. We’re human. We can have coffee with friends because we’re human; we can go to restaurants and enjoy the company of others because we’re human; we can dance at a wedding because we’re human. The list continues.

Animals are not privy to these pleasures precisely because they’re not human. What would they know of our endeavours like science, philosophy, ethics, and reason?

But for some of us, these cherished activities are closing down. Now, a nursing student needs a vaccine to study in practicum, many sports players need a vaccine to compete, and if we’re not resolute in our defiance, passports will even be required to eat at restaurants.

Thus, astonishingly, being a human is no longer enough of a justification to enjoy human activity. Now, a man needs to be vaccinated.

2. Human Rights

Do not be mislead; this discrimination will devolve further. Soon it will apply to our rights.

Right now, we enjoy (at least in some form) the freedoms of speech and religion because we are human people, equal under the Law and God. But if Prime Minister Trudeau or Premier Legault thinks that being human is not enough to engage in human activity, why should it be enough to enjoy human rights? Why would they allow us to worship in church or speak at gatherings without a Covid passport if we can’t even go to a hockey game without one?

And it will not stop there. For now, this passport classifies who is “safe” and who is “unsafe.” But soon, it will determine who is a “citizen” and who is “alien.” Finally, it will separate us as “human” and “inhuman.” Granted, the passport might not say so explicitly, but by the way the unvaccinated will be treated, and with the rights they will lose, it’s as good as stamping the word “animal” on their forehead.

3. Human Beings

Now we understand that our leaders in government are turning into “engineers.” They are remaking what it means to be human, moulded in their image, with their values and beliefs, and not God’s.

“What makes you think our leaders would do such a thing? What makes you think they’re bad people?”

But as Lewis said, we can hardly call such leaders “human” at all. “Bad” and “good” no longer have any meaning for them because they have conquered morality and replaced it with science. They are stepping outside the bounds of man and into the void of enlightenment and empowerment, sacrificing their humanity to determine what makes you and me citizens and human (in this case, a vaccine).

But that is not man’s appointed office; it’s unacceptable to think about such things even in dreams. We are equal as humans, no matter one’s race, religion, scientific beliefs, or political values. For Trudeau to legislate otherwise by introducing vaccine passports, destroys what it means to be "human."

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