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Why Is Canada In Chaos?

The question that every rightfully concerned citizen is asking is, “Why is this happening?”

Why do our legislators' foam and froth at the mouth as whispers of more lockdowns swirl around the body politic? It seems like in every district we investigate and every county we research, a bureaucrat is trying to shovel mandatory vaccinations down our throats. And not only so, but good is traded for evil and evil for good. Sexual offenders are released from prison as pastors take their place, businesses are strangled with the demand to enforce vaccines or practically close entirely, and the provider of the home is forced to rebel against his conscience or lose their job. But why? Why is this happening?

1. Sin

The foundation of our answer is sin. Sin is the reason that wicked men are promoting wicked things in power. Like everyone else who has ever walked the Earth (save for Christ), they are naturally corrupted by sin. Now in power, they are free to indulge their will’s appetite for evil, and, because they do not have the Holy Spirit to restrain them, and because we have discovered our Constitution does not accomplish its intended task of checking the power of government, evil spews forth from the throne of parliament.

But that begs the question—why exactly are they engaging in these particular actions? That is, what is their aim with all of this? Why are they employing these measures at this time in history?

Each move our rulers play is calculated and escorts with it a labyrinth of outcomes, contingencies, and misdirections. On the surface, a ruler’s choice might seem like it accomplishes one thing, when in reality, it was nothing more than a distraction to open a secret pathway for something else in the shadows.

2. AntiChrist

Thus, it appears insufficient to judge these policies by their immediate effects. As a Christian, I do not believe anything in this world is random—everything is completed with a purpose in mind. For every physical action, there is a spiritual state or action that accompanies it and perhaps influences the ruler to a larger capacity than we have ever understood.

That is why I think it’s crucial to open the book of Revelation. Forthright answers in John’s vision for the questions we seek (Why is government doing this?) are discovered. Specifically, we research the story of AntiChrist in Revelation 6 and 13 and unlock the prophecy that the conditions necessary for his triumphant introduction to the world are, right now, being fulfilled!

When the AntiChrist announces his incarnation, the world will be in destitute chaos. Panic, terror, and anxiety, will permeate the bounds of the Earth as the term “order and peace” fades from memory. But just as the welds of the world are about to crack from the stress of all that is happening (and is going to happen ), a man unlike any other that has come before he will arouse the hope of the inhabitants of the Earth by promising “Peace peace.”

Multitudes will flock to this poisonous thorn of unconscionable pain masquerading, with perfect imitation, like a summer flower in the name of protecting peace and happiness. And lo and behold, for the shortest time, as the world begins to worship the flagrant imitation of Christ joyfully, security and order will descend upon the Earth.

But peace will not. And within months, as the true nature of the Beast is revealed, and the world realizes she’s been tricked into following a man with an iron fist and a searing sceptre, it will be too late, and a terror never before recorded in history will be unleashed upon the Earth for years until Christ returns and casts the AntiChrist to his ruin in the depths of Hell.

3. Chaos

With all of this in mind, the heavy push for globalism makes much more sense. I do not for a moment believe that the overwhelming majority of rulers in government are altruistic, and I’m convinced they’re working now to build a state of chaos on the Earth.

Right now, everyone is panicking and confused. No one knows what is true anymore, and the more we search, the more reality seems to be muddied under bureaucrats and sinister motives. But if these members of government are creating a world of chaos, then it will be ripe for AntiChrist to harvest the souls of scared, worn out, and demoralized unbelievers, as he promises (and delivers by deception) an end to all of this nonsense.

But of course, like everything else in the world today it seems, it’s all a lie.

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