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The Unvaccinated Are Not Allowed To Buy Groceries. Is It Worth It?

1. Groceries

“Evil, unjust, cruel, frightening, discrimination…”

are just a few of the words that describe New Brunswick’s shameful approval of allowing grocery stores to ban unvaccinated Canadians.* Perhaps those same grocers will ban Canadians with HIV or AIDS?


And actually, that isn’t a fair comparison—the unvaccinated aren’t suffering with disease or are contaminated with a virus like the victims of HIV are.

But perhaps NB grocers will ban shoppers based on their eye colour, vitamin consumption, or the number of tattoos they portrait on their person? That is, maybe grocers will ban customers based on other arbitrary qualities or choices that have nothing to do with justice or law?

Of course they won’t—they wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

But the government of New Brunswick (like every other provincial government in our country) concluded it sports the authority to rescind citizens’ rights.

Who determined that? Who christened them with that authority? Certainly not God. And we, the people, vote for representatives to protect our rights, not remove them. If our rights are confiscated, what’s the purpose of democratic government? For if our rights are removed, the House of Commons has nothing to protect. Oh they might say they’re removing our rights to protect us, but the moment they do so, it's no longer protection, but tyranny.

For now, individual grocers have the option to enforce strict vaccination policies for their customers or not. But everyone knows it’s nothing more than an invitation and appetizer for government to enforce the contemptible mandate themselves. First, it was work, then school, now groceries, and if we do nothing soon, our homes.

2. Defence

So we have to ask the question—is all this worth it? Is it worth it for a man to refuse a vaccine, even if he can’t purchase groceries for his family?

Absolutely, and that’s not an easy thing to say.

This is an Alamo worth defending because it’s not “just a vaccine.” It’s the way the vaccine’s been imposed—under duress, threats of force, and with no legal justification—that demand our resistance. We must defend our right to Christian autonomy even though the night is presently harsh and protected.

But he is a blind man who cannot see the sovereign design of Heaven being carried out by God’s servants (whether they know they’re servants or not) below. Granted, even two years ago, it would’ve been easy to chain up this monstrosity of discrimination.

The chance is lost.

3. Hope

But hope is not—we’re standing now! We will not let our children, and our children’s children, be bulldozed by an oppressive tyranny. For if we refuse to stand, what will happen? The answer is clear. Government won’t stop. Here’s what Churchill criticized when Chamberlin signed the fateful Munich Agreement:

£1 was demanded at the pistol’s point. When it was given, £2 were demanded at the pistol’s point. Finally, the dictator consented to take £1 17s. 6d. and the rest in promises of goodwill for the future.**

Churchill's warnings weren't heeded, the British and the world failed to rally, and the otherwise avoidable consequences of a brutal war meant the heartbreak and prolonged weeping of millions. We won't make the same mistake.

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