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The Radical Left's Utopia | Political Parties Promoting Death

Parties that promote socialist/progressive policies are parties of death. I mean this, specifically, regarding,

  1. Abortion

  2. Euthanasia

Whatever sentiments one has on abortion, no one can argue that it’s terminating a life. I am resolute in my belief that the fetus is a human, but whether one believes so or not doesn’t dismiss the fact that the fetus is, at the very least, alive.

The same is true with euthanasia. The individual (a human) is alive until the hammer of euthanasia crushes his windpipe.

In this, our country makes it exceedingly easy and accessible for a tormented soul to terminate their own life or the life of their child. Canadians are encouraged to play God as though every time that’s happened in history hasn’t produced the most tragic heartbreaks and horrible consequences.

Nonetheless, we praise death now—we call euthanasia and abortion “empowerment” and “choice” as though the scourge of death doesn’t drive a final spike through any future choices a person might have. Victims are not empowered by choosing euthanasia; they’re dead, able to choose no more.

“It doesn’t matter,” replies the progressive. They worship death as though death were their Mammon whom they recognized, invited into our country, and did not fear. And let it be known, with all the opportunities to feast on death in our progressive society, such gods are quite content to make our country their home.

But who is surprised by this? Our political parties are progressive, and “progressive” is just semantics for “rebellion against law.”

I mean that our politicians live outside the boundary of natural and objective law, and that’s not a political statement, but an obvious one. Nearly all of them classify themselves are progressive and modern, which proves they are ascending beyond the confines of law itself.

The problem is that it is within the natural and objective law that we discover how to act and actually be human. The law is our guide for how we are to live as human beings.

We know that the animal kingdom is ruthless and unforgiving. If we see the new alpha of a pride execute cubs that are not his, we say, “That’s nature.” If we see a human male do so with human toddlers, we rightfully call him a monster.

We say so because animals are not governed by the same law that we are. We have ethics, codes, and morals enshrined in the law. Mere animal, on the other hand, does not. In this, the law restrains us and separates us from the brutality of lesser kingdoms.

However, beyond the bounds of objective law, where the progressive exists is a void. It is a void where there is no life. Outside of the law, we do not know how to live, but rather, how to die, for living outside the law is death itself; as Romans 10:5 says,

“For Moses writes about the righteousness that is based on the law, that the person who does the commandments shall live by them.”

Put simply, fail to abide by the law, and you will die (Galatians 3:10).*

And yet, this is the exact policy our political parties promote in the country. They disregard the law and institute their own ideals that are removed from rationality and reason. It’s almost as if they tell us we can fly if we flap our arms and jump off a roof, but then say “we’re not progressive enough” when it leads to injuries and destruction.

To that end, our leaders have trespassed into the abyss that is not for mortal men to explore, and in it, they have discovered the enemy they now worship and are working to impose upon us,


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*For a detailed article that tells you how to be saved from death, see here!


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