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The Abolition Of Gender

Today, our leaders are proving what we already know; our politicians have an insatiable and disgusting appetite to mutilate children.


With Danielle Smith’s latest announcement, banning transgender surgery for youth, other leaders are squealing like demons in pigs, which is probably an insult to pigs, for pigs are sane, and our leaders are not.


It’s been said that lunatics are those who defy the world and everything in it, but not so. Instead, lunatics are those who deny the world and everything in it. It’s one thing to defy reality, if the reality needs to be changed. It’s another thing entirely to deny that reality exists, which is exactly what our politicians do every day.


Here is the reality of gender and sexuality, provided in science and Scripture: A male is a human being with XY chromosomes; a female is a human being with XX chromosomes. Insane men and women don’t just defy this fact, they deny that it even exists. They say gender is something entirely different (they don’t even know what it is), and can be altered at one’s subjective pleasure and will.


The consequences are devastating. Young boys are told they can be girls, and young girls are told they can be boys. Men are told they can be women, and women are told they can be men. But young boys can’t be girls, and young girls can’t be boys. Men can’t be women, and women can’t be men. Victims of the modern gender-lie are nevertheless deceived, and come to the altar of identity slaughter willingly as they lay on the hospital bed thinking they’ll be fixed, only to discover too late that they’re about to be broken.

Males who are made into females are not, in fact, made into females. Females who are made into males are not, in fact, made in males. The males who are made females are actually made alien; the females who are made male are actually made alien. Transgender surgery doesn’t unlock a person’s humanity; it takes their humanity away.


Any time a criminal violates someone’s body, we throw the vile offender in prison (though, not nearly for long enough. Our government makes certain of that). But when a sinister mutilator (I will not call him or her a “doctor,” for doctors heal) violates the body of children or adults, our leaders call them saviours, and it’s wrong.


Those who mutilate men and women deserve to be locked up, and locked up for life. They’re not just evil, they’re insanely evil. How can we tolerate their participation in a society that’s supposed to be free and just? After all, because these people are insane, they deny the world, and because they deny the world, they’re not only foreigners, but are invaders and enemies, as they superimpose their insanity on us.  


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