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How Much Longer Will We Be Allowed To Shop For Groceries?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

1. Vaccine

We are grateful for the present opportunity to shop freely in stores across the country.

We do not know how much longer it will be allowed.

There are increasing calls, now escorted with sinister hints of vitriol, for everyone to be fully vaccinated. The tone has shifted. Parliament is not warm and concerned, but furious. Against the wishes of government, about 20% of Canadians still don't have a vaccine.* However, there are other methods to force families to get their Covid shots besides explicit legislation. Everyone needs to eat; everyone needs shelter; everyone needs access to healthcare. We would be inexcusably foolish if we believe politicians won’t capitalize on the opportunities our needs present them.

So, I do not doubt for one second that we will soon face a difficult choice:

  1. Get fully vaccinated and freely shop for groceries.

  2. Stay unvaccinated and be required to test negative for Covid to shop for groceries.

That is just the start. Government is naturally extreme. It cannot help itself from taking freedom away. Our constitution, which has been abused and broken, was created to hold them back. But in a Covid-world where law is irrelevant, the constitution doesn’t matter.

Soon, there will no longer be a choice. Canada’s modern “law” will reflect dystopian novels dreamed of long ago and emulate John’s famous Revelation.

“Get vaccinated and shop; stay unvaccinated and starve.”

I am thankful I live in the province of Alberta. It’s a retreat where freedom is cherished more seriously than in all other provinces (which makes our imprisonment of innocent pastors all the more embarrassing). Local politicians are pressed with heavy pressure to ensure liberty reigns.

But our Premier, Jason Kenney, has proven himself incapable of disobeying a direct order from Ottawa. For now, the unvaccinated in our province can shop; what happens when federal bureaucrats impose a nationwide law that forces a man and his family to be vaccinated to shop? Will Kenney and his band of “yes-men” in caucus refuse to enforce the unjust law? Absolutely not. He will bow, as he always has, to his masters in the east.

Covid passports, IDs, wristbands, are no longer unthinkable imaginations from science fiction. They are real and imminent. People who say so will be labelled “Fear Mongers.” That’s fine. Churchill was called one, too.

2. Budget and Taxes

But suppose Trudeau’s government should retreat and return liberty to all, with what money shall we spend on groceries? It is, of course, a fantasy to think that the Liberals will release their grip on freedom willingly. They will, if given the opportunity, squeeze and suffocate it until it’s dead. But nonetheless, what of the economy in this country?

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) just released a report warning that if we stay on this present monetary and fiscal course (and we will if the Liberals remain in power), we will not balance a budget until 2070.*` I would go even further and confidently say we would never balance a budget again. Our country is broke.

Taxes gobble up 50% of our income, inflation is roaring like a lion, and unelected feds with even a morsel of logic left in their minds are panicking because they’ve engineered a monster.

The economy and economic outlook in this country is very bad. The carbon tax kills investment, we can’t get oil to market, we can’t mine coal, fuel is skyrocketing, and no one knows how long businesses will be allowed to remain open. To make matters worse, the truth is so distorted, every political gambit is so calculated, that unless one studies for countless hours, no one knows quite how bad it is.

3. Socialism

The federal government is Liberal in name only. They are socialists masked as moderates. Their policies reflect the ideology of a socialist who needs to conceal their true intentions. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are ruled by a socialist government.

But where would one rather shop for food?

  1. Venezuela or America

  2. East or West Berlin

  3. Cuba** or Canada

If demagogues choose to kill capitalism in this country, there will be no food on the shelves left to buy.

Time to separate from confederation.

"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

** Of course, I am talking about communist Cuba, but Marx called communism "scientific socialism."

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