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A Prayer Against The WEF

Although Justin Trudeau holds a sulphur sceptre of iniquity in his hands, the widow in prayer is more powerful than he, and a janitor praising the Lord contains more influence than global architects like Klaus Schwab.

We’re not afraid of our Prime Minister. It’s true he wields lies; he’s a harbinger of sin. He’s always looking down upon us, which means he’s never looking up at Lord. He shepherds our people into an economic and social fire while he and his entourage alone remain unburned.

However, there are more powerful kings in the world than the king of Canada. Mr. Trudeau is the incarnation of King Herod, and like King Herod, Trudeau also serves a Caesar. At the WEF, G7, G20, and other global meetings, Malthusian powers unite all other powers for a sinister purpose as they greet each other and say,

"Hail UnHoly Hounds of Hell,

Darkness Void;

Darkness manifest,

Revolutionize the world into an apparatus of wretched progress.”

In sunlight rooms, over scotch and cigars, these controllers plan a new nightmare for all of us to endure. They design a mighty revolt, an industrial destruction, and are happy to watch the rest of us freeze in the dark.

But we know we’re not yet doomed. Though we’re wicked like Nineveh and sinful like Sodom, we know the Lord is merciful if only we repent. Massive powers are taking over our world, but there’s something we can do, and it’s because of this hope that we pray:

Hail Holy Light Imperium,

Ruler of Heaven;

Maker of Earth,

Light Ethereal and Eternal without blemish or flaw.

The Omniscient Lord our God sits established on His throne. The New World is constructed between Revelation’s harlots, but the God of Abraham is enthroned between the Cherubim. We build up mighty towers, but the Lord topples them over. The powers of the world fashion themselves into a dragon, but Christ has already crushed the head of the snake. All their evil will come crumbling down. These rulers reign, but they only reign for a little while; the memory of their politics will be like dust in the wind. They only reign for a little while; the Lord reigns for a million years as though it were a day.

The Lord our God will scatter these wicked rulers and isolate them all alone. Their alliances with each other are based on evil, which means they’re based on betrayal. Their hatred for each other will haunt them as they desert their allies before the All-Powerful God. Men like Trudeau refuse to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, but someday they shall, willingly or unwillingly, for every knee will bow. And when it is so, those unrepentant leaders who hated our God on Earth will come to realize the anguish of their consequences, for,

The mighty man will burn like tinder; his work will be the spark. Both will burn together, with no one to quench the fire (Isaiah 1:31).

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Trudeau and all of WEF's judgement is coming perhaps sooner than they expect .Amen


Jan 14, 2023

Amen! 😌

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