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Parents Deserve To Know What's Happening In School

The family is one of the ultimate foundations of human institution. Bring it down, and society falls along with it.

That’s why progressives are working hard to destroy the trinity of father, mother, and child. After all, they’re the ones who want to completely reshape society. They call the current one oppressive, archaic, and corrupted, and lament that it needs to be changed.

The problem is that they want to change our society, not just for the worse, but for the demonic.

Thus, a terrible virus is spreading across our nation. Mothers and fathers are being replaced with the state. Parents used to protect their children from the state; now, the state protects young children from their parents.

Take what’s happening in school, for an example. In our modern age, it’s a fight to know what our children are being taught. The schools are becoming more and more secretive. They’re pushing parents out of their parental rolls, and radical educators are taking up the mantle, themselves.

The reason this is happening is very obvious. Children conform to the image of their parents. Firstly, I’m a child of Christ. That means, the more I’m sanctified, the more I emulate His character. I’m also a child of my parents. That means I take on their physical attributes, as well as their emotions, logic, and personality.

But the state needs people to conform to the image of government. As such, the government decides to become the parent. Think about it. If the state can replace actual parents with themselves, the people they “parent” will begin to take on the attributes of the state, instead.

Children are their prime targets because children are easiest to manipulate.

Because the state does not think, children do not learn to think. Because the state loves to sin, children learn to love to sin even more than they already do. Because the state demands big government, children grow up thinking they need big government.

Precisely the opposite needs to happen. We need to protect the family and what it stands for. In fact, the family is so critical that not even Christianity, which turned the world on its head, dared to restructure its essence. If anything, Christianity only strengthened the authority of mother and father.

We wonder why children are so banal these days, but it’s because the aim of new education is to make them comfortable. It used to be that education explored the wild and unconquered things, but now, it serves to make everything inoffensive and plain.

Indeed, there are few things that are worse than comfort, because comfort breeds rust.

Iron is comfortable before oxygen and water destroy it. A man who is comfortable on a sinking ship, drowns. A society that is comfortable to let radical educators control their children, soon, won’t have any children left.

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13 de nov. de 2023

I'd like to know where you ger "radical educators" from. Mt experience is that they teach the curriculum, to all kids regardless of their backstory. Schools are not more secretive as you assert, I have always been able to talk to my kids' teachers about what they are learning, and I have worked at creating an environment in my home in which my children feel safe enough to talk to me about anything. However, not all homes are like mine. I know of teachers who have had to make calls to the RCMP to do a safety check on a student because of fear for a child's safety. I know teachers have had to made calls to social services be…

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