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Dear Justin Trudeau, Your Covid Empire Is Crumbling

1. Covid

The great expanse of Justin Trudeau’s empire is crumbling. He is a man who says, “Behold! I am powerful!” and struts like a man whose control is total, but then scurries off when peaceful truckers protest. Now, he is reaping the consequences of his cowardice.

A powerful decay rots his government. A people combined of truckers, business owners, accountants, farmers, and teachers assembled in obscurity, marched to Ottawa, Coutts, and Milk River in solidarity, and is beginning to raise the supreme banner of the law over the Commons of Parliament Hill.

2. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan was the first to fall and reverse its vaccine passport mandates. Or, rather, Saskatchewan was the first to rise. After all, vaccine passports are unjust; to remove them is the right and just thing to do.

I can only imagine Justin Trudeau’s malice directed at Scott Moe for his perceived betrayal. But betrayal against Trudeau is allegiance to the people of Canada. By betraying one man, Scott Moe has served millions. And not only has he served millions, but he also did so for a just cause. After all, "serving" the people is meaningless if it means doing what is wrong. But in this case, removing passports is doing what's right.

3. Vigilance

Granted, it’s just a start. Masks need to be burned as well. More than that, with this victory, we are cautiously optimistic and ever vigilant. Perhaps this is merely a distraction to keep us occupied so government can ram through other tyrannical policies. Would it be surprising if it was? Every announcement government makes has a purpose, whether it’s to tell the truth, distract us, set up smoke-screen, create a diversion, or some combination of all four.

After all, we know government isn’t going to surrender that easily. Our leaders have not spent the last two years grooming us for mandatory vaccines, passports, and burdensome restrictions just to say, “Well, some truckers in Ottawa are protesting. Time to abandon our plan!”

On the contrary, we know that government has a contingency for this very situation we’ve put them in. As such, while this is an encouraging victory, our struggle for freedom is far from over. While those in Saskatchewan (and hopefully Alberta!) should cherish and enjoy shopping without a passport on Valentines' Day, we won’t cool our push for freedom, either, for we know, as Churchill knew, “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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