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Let Justin Trudeau Tremble | Truckers Are Descending Upon Ottawa

Dear Truck Drivers,

You have captured the hearts of millions. You are ambassadors for countless millions more. As you rumble into the labyrinth of Ottawa, be encouraged to know we support you 100 percent.

This exciting and terrific protest being broadcast all over the world is Trudeau’s catastrophic failure. He’s supposed to be a leader, and whether we like it or not, he’s Canada’s representative in the House of Commons and on the world stage.

Now, one of the hallmarks of effective leadership is remarkable proficiency in the art of negotiation; Mr. Trudeau possesses none of it. If he did, he would have approached all of you as truck drivers and sought to reconcile the grave mistake he made. Surely our Prime Minister knows about our increasingly malnourished grocery shelves while remembering who delivers groceries. Wouldn’t it have been better (and wiser) if he had retreated from his position, apologized, and then tried to right his recent wrongs?

Of course, the Prime Minister didn’t correct his mistake. He didn’t even attempt to do so. I suppose he might be thinking, “Why start engaging with Canadians when I’ve dismissed them for the past six or seven years?”

What did he do instead? Who knows? I certainly haven’t read any updates from the PMO in the last couple of days which is not only irresponsible, but immature and pathetic considering the gravity of the situation.

Nevertheless, try as he might, Mr. Trudeau can’t hide forever. He can’t manipulate and weasel his way out of this Waterloo. Your actions—tens of thousands of trucks descending upon Ottawa—demand a response from him.

Of course, you (and the rest of us who champion and support you and support this cause) must ready yourselves for the slander that is sure to come your way. If we’ve learned one thing these last two years, it’s that government excels at creating a crisis, watching people fight back against the crisis, and then blaming the crisis on those who are fighting.

I have no doubt they will attempt to do the same to you.

They will call you “terrorists”—“domestic terrorists”—as you congregate in the nations’ capital. Pay no attention to those wolves; they’re wrong. For decades the radical left has acted as though they’re morally superior to those they argue with. In this way, they make us feel ashamed, dirty, and “intolerant” for wanting to live our lives as we see fit, and so we conform. After all, no one wants to be shamed in public.

The reality, of course, is that politicians are not morally superior. They are human beings like you and me. More than that, those of you driving truck are not terrorists, and it will be disgraceful and appalling if you are labelled so. In fact, you are the opposite of terrorists—they oppress, but you are working to liberate.

Though most of you are alone in your cabs, you are not fighting for yourselves alone. You are fighting for those who can no longer drive, who have lost their jobs, who are struggling to make ends meet, and who are scared about raising their children in a country that teaches them everyone is a potential threat. You are fighting not just for our country, not even for our continent, but for the oppressed all around the world that do not have the right to protest like we do here.

You can be confident we will pay no attention to Mr. O’Toole, Mr. Kenney, or Mr. Ford. All of the Premiers' grovelling and political pandering as they tell us “Support the Truckers” (while imposing the same restrictions upon us!) will not make us capitulate and be satisfied to see justice denied.

One more thing: the vast majority of MP’s and MLA’s have chosen neutrality in this struggle for freedom. Their apathy is deafening. They may be silent in support of freedom, but I know that’s not a problem at all because the horns on your semis pulling sets of super b’s are not. Announce your presence with the rumble of jake brakes, deplete your air tanks from honking your horns, and let Ottawa tremble as they realize they’ve roused a giant.

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Jan 26, 2022

I don't view the truckers as heroes. Why did they wait this long if they had the power to shift the political/health edicts? My conclusion is they waited until it affected them. I highly doubt that this convoy will have any difference then the one before it. Besides who is in control? Is it not the King of Kings? Time is running out.


Jan 25, 2022

I tried to chat. It doesn't work. The circle just goes around and around and around. I agree with everything you said. However, you are too hard on the Premiers. They have to do what he says and he is making them the 'fall guys' to save his own neck and to make people blame them. It is working perfectly bc you just blamed the Premiers. They are all victims of Trudeau. The MP's are just bobbing heads like always. They should also be ashamed of themselves. I am saddened to live in this Country and cannot leave it in the mess it is for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Beyond all that your site is interesting…

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