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To The World: Justin Trudeau Doesn't Speak For Canada

Canada is like a soup. For that matter, all countries are like soups. Just as there are different flavours of soups – chicken noodle, tomato bisque, potato bacon, and lemon rice – so there are different countries with unique cultures – Canadian, American, Polish, and Nigerian.

Each country, like each soup, has defining characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and qualities, that make it its own. Tomato bisque tastes different than lemon rice, and American culture is different than German culture.

Left to themselves, each soup, like each culture, is beautiful and delicious in its own way. Great Britain’s dry humour, Italy’s cuisine, Kenya’s joy, and Australia’s sense of adventure, are characteristics that separate each country from the other, and that’s a good thing.

But Mr. Trudeau doesn’t preserve and refine Canada’s soup. Rather, he takes a variety of soups, and pours all of them into Canada’s pot (call it a “melting-pot,” if you will).

What we’re left with is not an explosion of flavour, but a dreadful lack of it. We’re not left with vibrant colours and brilliant smells, but a dull, monochromatic, liquid, that smells like everything, and nothing. It is not so much a soup as it is a sludge.

Thus, it’s a tragic thing that Justin Trudeau’s the Prime Minister of Canada, in part because he’s so unCanadian. The leader of Canada hates Canada. He’s not a chef, but a saboteur, taking what once was living and vivid, and turning it into something sour and mushy.

Take his apology for the government’s recent SS fiasco. Justin Trudeau apologized to the world on behalf of Canadians. In fact, he should’ve apologized to the world, and Canadians. After all, it wasn’t you or I who stood and applauded a German SS soldier; it was the Government of Canada that did so.

What we mean to say is that Justin Trudeau does not represent Canada. He represents a new Canada that isn’t Canada, at all. We want the world to know that our Prime Minister does not speak for us, nor does he reflect our values.

We are an energetic people. We are a people full of fire and passion, with a zest for life that comes only through honest work and happy play. Justin Trudeau does not mirror any of these qualities, and his actions prove it.

Our Prime Minister doesn’t speak for the people he claims to lead. We’re embarrassed of his rule, and our prayer is that people understand Trudeau isn’t synonymous with Canada, but rather, everything that’s antiCanadian.


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