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Is Jesus A Socialist?

As the Federal Election ramps up in both intensity and temperature, moral and ethical dilemmas clawing to the forefront of campaigns, we are apt to hear that “Jesus was (or is) a socialist.” Liberal Christians tell us this to swing our vote Liberal or NDP, and non-Christians, though they reject the Scriptures, say it for the same reason.

So we must ask ourselves, “Was Jesus a socialist while he was on Earth? Is He a socialist as He rules from Heaven now?”

He is not. He never was. He never will be.

Socialism, the foundation it was constructed on, the means it employs to achieve its end, and the end itself, are antichrist. They do not harmonize with the Word of God, and as such, cannot be declared true.

1. Marx

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were the propagators of what they called “Scientific Socialism.” And while some leftists have attempted to distance their branding from Marx, the truth remains that he has a profound influence on modern socialist theory.

But did you know that Marx hated God? He was not agonistic or apathetic in his lack of belief, on the contrary. Marx seethed a vehement hatred for the Lord and sought to eradicate religion from the Earth. He volleyed a quiver of arrows, tips poisoned with atheism, at the Almighty when he declared, The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.”*

Engles reaffirmed this when he said, "If some few passages of the Bible may be favorable to communism, the general spirit of its doctrines is, nevertheless, totally opposed to it.”**

Thus, if the foundation of “scientific socialism” is predicated on the notion of, as Marx said, “…dethrone[ing] God and destroy[ing] capitalism.”*` how can we expect it to rationalize with Christian values? It cannot. And it’s impossible to deny this reality, just like how a house that’s constructed on sand, no matter its exterior, will fall.

2. Salvation

Ask a socialist what he believes is to blame for the ills of society, and if he doesn’t immediately answer “religion,” he’ll say “capitalism.” He thinks the community suffers because economic conditions have made it so. Western values, European thought, and classical economics are instigators and oppressors that subject society to serious harm. According to socialism, the impoverished multitude is abused and exploited by a few capitalists because economic industry empowers them to do so.

But of course, the rich are not bad because they are rich, and the poor and not good because they are poor. Capitalism doesn’t turn men against each other, and socialism doesn’t make them friends. Capitalism doesn’t mean workers are treated poorly, and socialism doesn’t mean workers are treated well (the opposite is true it seems).

The reality is that man, because of sin, is inherently bad whether capitalism or socialism rules. His corrupted nature is not a product of economic conditions, but spiritual ones. Any attempt then to cure the man of his "sickness" (like capitalist ideals and oppressive behaviour...if that is really what the socialist is trying to do) using an ideology, is vain and foolish.

3. Enlightenment

Of course, if the socialist is born in western society, why are they enlightened? If we—our classrooms, offices, and homes—have been tainted by western values and systemically racist and oppressive culture, why is it that the socialist was freed from such distortion? Was he trained in another culture? But why is that culture better than ours? What will the socialist, his ideology founded on atheism, appeal to if not himself? He cannot appeal to objective law because socialism rejects objective law (the Scriptures). He cannot appeal to history because history hates his ideology (that is why we hear, “it’s a good theory, it’s a good theory!”). Civilizations have been decimated by this form of governance; none of them have succeeded. Why should socialism work now?

"Isn't it obvious?"replies the socialist. "Because "I" wasn't the one in power before."

It is the epitome of arrogance and the anthem of ignorance.

The socialist thinks only he can save the society from itself. That is why he must acquire power—to force on the society what they didn’t know they needed. But remember, this whole idea of a technocratic central planner allocating goods, requiring men to “share,” and spreading the wealth, implicitly assumes the socialist will act benevolently when in power…but that would mean his ideology has cured his sin! Is that what Christ preaches? Does He say, “Come to socialism all you who are weary, burdened, and oppressed, and it will give rest to your souls?”

No doubt many men have thought, “If I acquired power, I would do good with it. I would rule justly,” only to later find themselves rationalizing authoritarianism, soaked with innocent blood, in the name of sacrificing a few for the common good. Man is inherently bad, and presented unrestricted and unrestrained power, even if to build a socialist utopia (which is no utopia at all), he will not act like a king, but a tyrant. It is not an ideology from Heaven, but Hell.



*` See "*"

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