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Just How Bad Is The Indoctrination In Our Children's Schools?

Justified or not, teachers, teacher’s unions, superintendents, and other constituents in government’s education machine, enjoy a pretty robust immunity from the criticism of others. The teacher’s protection behind a Jericho of bureaucrats and status quo testifies to the effectiveness of the union; they shield their members from critics, whether commentators or parents. But is that deserved?

1. Covid

I worked at a Bible camp all summer for ten years. As a staff, we were astonished (and consequently appalled) listening to the stories of campers talking about their school curriculum and what they were learning. To be blunt, the curriculum, indoctrination, and ideologies, that are shovelled into the minds of young children are horrendous.

For example, just recently, a preschool teacher sang a song with her students. It went viral. Here are the lyrics:

“I wear a mask to school, I wear a mask to school, hi-ho, the derry-o, I wear a mask to school, It helps to keep me safe, it helps to keep, hi-ho, the derry-o, it helps to keep me safe. It keeps my friends safe. It keeps my friends safe, hi-ho, the derry-o, it keeps my friends safe.”

2. Fear

The nervous excitement of exploring new environments and making new friends in school is dead (but it can be resurrected). The lush community of classmates has been transformed into a dangerous wilderness of loneliness as students are instructed to fear everything around them.

To illustrate this, imagine it’s your first day of class. Necessary skills for success in the world are finally ready to be unlocked as you prepare to learn about logic, grammar, history, and art!

But instead, class looks something like this:

  1. Go to school

  2. Strap on a banal mask that stifles smiles and individuality

  3. Sit separated from classmates because you’re warned others can make you sick

  4. Listen to a teacher talk about the importance of the sexual revolution (This happens at a frighteningly young age), how Marxism is good in theory, and learn little about classical mathematics, English, or history.

  5. Learn what to think, not how to think.

  6. Repeat

One of the foundational privileges of the west—[primary and secondary] education—has been hijacked by ideologues. Every day, students are taught that everyone is a potential threat and that their only refuge from the evils of the world, what some educators even class as the student’s parents,* are nestled with teachers and administration working for the government.

Thus, it’s inappropriate to roll our eyes when we hear a man warn that something like vaccination stations will be imposed in schools. Is it really such conspiracy to think so? Would we be surprised if/when it happens?

3. Indoctrination

Progressivism is like a bulldozer. It pushes vast values of western society at once, sometimes slowly, but with unstoppable torque, over and into the abyss of post-modernism. We have often heard that a child’s mind is like a sponge, soaking up any and all information in the immediate vicinity. Their inquisitiveness is remarkable; it means the child wants to know truth. But now he goes to a place, five days a week for ten months of the year, where they say there is no truth. There he learns that emotions are what’s essential and that subjective feelings are the concrete of society. There he learns that 2+2 really can be 5 if he says, “I’m offended that 2+2=4,” or, “2+2=5 is my truth.”

Our children now sit in school, not to irrigate their thirst for truth, but to learn to ignore it. But deny the body hydration, and it will swallow saltwater.

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