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I Read My City's Municipal Plan | What Did I Find? WEF

Sometimes, I hear a desperate fantasy that small towns, rural towns, or industrial towns will escape the menace of the WEF’s economic apparatus.

They won’t.

If we do nothing, no one will find refuge from this globalist reich. Try as people might to physically flee the WEF’s agenda and settle in remote communities, there is no escape.

There isn’t a town so small that the WEF won’t force its reprehensible economic agenda upon it. There isn’t a farm so remote that the WEF won’t trespass and say, “You’re burning too much diesel.” There isn’t a town that loves freedom so much the WEF will leave them and let them be. Our government’s contemptible economic design isn’t only for massive, liberal, left-leaning, environmentally-friendly cities. Instead, it’s for everyone: rich or poor, strong or weak, old or young, city or town, consenting or resisting.

More than that, there’s another reason why it’s impossible to run from the WEF’s agenda.

It’s already here.

My hometown is famous for its heavy oil and farming. We work with some of the heaviest, most sour oil in the world, and we boast one of the largest canola crushers in Canada. It’s our municipal pride to supply the nation with energy and food, and we’re a staunch conservative stronghold.

However, our municipality just released a new development plan titled “Connection To Our Future.” It’s too dense to detail in its entirety, but one particular theme that caught the ire of my eye was the city’s emphasis on “‘Climate Resilience’ as an aspect that directly inform(s) city-building.”*

What? What does that even mean?

To start, the city wants to pursue a “Proactive/Passive Hybrid” approach to climate resilience. That means they:

  1. “Work together proactively to prevent and prepare for climate changes. We have a practical action plan to prevent and prepare for climate change.”


  1. “Take some action to prevent or prepare for climate changes. We focus on education and voluntary climate action.”

It would be one thing for the city to say, “We want to work proactively to clean streets efficiently during blizzards next winter,” but instead, all our government can talk about is the elusive and abstract ideal of climate change. No one knows what “climate change” means, and that’s the point. The less we understand, the easier it is for government to expand their power and control.

According to the document, a “Proactive/Passive Approach” regarding climate change means:

“The City shall support the transition to a low carbon footprint future by promoting energy efficient buildings that may utilize features such as, but are not limited to:

-Net-zero design approaches;

-Rainwater harvesting

-Passive solar design methods

-Green roofs

-Residential wind turbines”

Again, why? Is there something inherently morally superior about an economy without carbon? Or, why is climate change something we’re supposed to fight against? We don’t know; we’re just supposed to “trust the experts” (which worked out so well last time).

Finally, presented without comment, in the section titled “How Can We Connect?”, the city says they want to:

“Work with provincial and Federal Governments to promote Lloydminster as environmental, social and governance (ESG) friendly to ensure we are the world’s first choice for oil.”

These are only a few of the points on climate change in the document. If ESG scores, climate change targets, net-zero initiatives, and “clean-future” technologies are being promoted in a city as famous for its oil-industry as Lloydminster, I promise it’s happening in your city, too.

Remember what's coming if we do nothing. In 1984. Big Brother’s omnicompetent. He’s everywhere at once. He watches you in the office, train, grocery store, and your home. He’s your neighbour, news anchor, favourite hockey star, and teacher. He calculates everything you purchase and analyzes everywhere you drive. Not even your thoughts are sacred or safe.

A modern communism disguised as a deliverance from climate change is coming to Canada. We cannot escape this hydra any more than a man can outrun a thunderstorm when it’s already on top of him. There is no running from this monster, but there is, perhaps, a strategy to fight.**

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Jul 14, 2023

Thank you Tanner for speaking the truth while so many are asleep. It's so easy to get lulled to sleep by listening to the constantly repeating narrative.


Apr 22, 2023

Climates change. We have warmer winters and colder winters. Hot summers and sometimes down right lousy summers. First it was global cooling , then global warming and all coastal areas would be under water. Banks continue to give mortgages to people buying houses on the coast so obviously they don't believe houses will be under water in the near future. I call BS on all of it. Its a money grab and another excuse to tax us into poverty.


Apr 22, 2023

Thank you for continuing to bring this ridiculousness to people's attention. The $cientists don't seem to remember windmills need oil or Lithium and cobalt mining involve child and forced labor.

Maybe its time to stop the chemtrails, haarp and the continuous weather manipulation done by government.


Apr 21, 2023

Thankyou for all you do! Your words are so encouraging! Praying for the Lord's blessing on your work.


Apr 21, 2023

Another well written piece of information for all to understand and hopefully act on. The time is Now to do things to Stop the WEF, UN, WHO, NATO, EU and the like, and their diabolical, vile and evil agenda to cull humanity and rule the world. Enough is enough! Time to take action is Now! Remember that there are many, many more of us than there is of them (Evil Doers). United We The People Stand..! Bless and thank you Tanner and all those you care for and love. 🤠🇨🇦💯😤

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