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Having Children Attend "Drag Queen Storytime" Is Abusive.

Do you know what adorns the Calgary Public Library’s website?

“Celebrate inclusion and diversity with our glamorous family-friendly storytime program, led by local drag queen, king and monarch performers. Join the fun, come dressed in your best outfit, cape or crown!”*

There’s nothing “fun” or “family-friendly” about exposing children to sexualized adults; it’s disgusting, and it’s cruel.

According to the Western Standard,

“Calgary library drag king storytime in full swing.” as “Drag king artists The Frizz and Nola Neptune read various LGBTQ2+-themed storybooks to a group of bemused children and their parents in a late-morning story session.”**

You educators, “kings and queens,” and advocates who promote and introduce children to such indoctrination are wicked and depraved. I do not merely say you are wrong—though you certainly are wrong; I do not merely charge you of perversion—though you are indeed perverted.

You are insane.

I do not employ the term lightly, but it's true! You are insane, mad, maniacal.

You are so insane because nothing is extraordinary for you anymore. Or, perhaps it's the other way around...perhaps nothing is extraordinary because you are insane...either way:

Nothing—no action, thought, or theory—is beyond the bounds of what you believe is natural, proper, correct, or real. For example, a man who believes that he is a woman is to himself as ordinary as a woman, and you are the same. Nothing is extraordinary for you, and nothing is strange, so you transform into madmen.

Of course, because you believe that nothing is strange, immoral, or evil, you are always trying to advance the boundary of what is accepted in society. What a boring life you progressives live! Every attempt to acquire new pleasure is fleeting and vain. You are never evil enough; your sin never satisfies the cravings of your soul.

Now a man ought to think, “my present path of life is leaving me unfulfilled and lonely and sad. I need to change the path.”

But not you. You decide to double down and break for Hell at record speeds.

In pathetic attempts to procure mere morsels of happiness and fulfilment, you push the boundaries of what is accepted in society and punish those who refuse to submit. First, it started with your own public sexualization. Then, you made it so that all had to proclaim and agree with your public sexualization…now you are hunting our children.

What’s next? I do not dare think about it.

Of course, the tragic and dull nature of your existence and insanity is a product, not of your irrationality, but of your super-rationality.

You have not so much forgotten rationality as it is that rationality is all you have left.

You ensure everything has an explication for everything. For example, when you say, “Love is love and only backwater, racist, intolerant bigots disagree,” and we reply, “No, it’s not. 'Love isn’t love' and the sexualization and exposure of sexualized content to children is criminal,” you retort, “That’s exactly what a backwater, racist, intolerant bigot would say!”

Never mind that we are not backwater, racist, or intolerant; it doesn’t matter in your eyes.

I am saying that you think yourselves so rational that you can see through all things. “I see through your bigotry and hatred!” you say when we argue that brainwashing children with these agendas is wrong. Again, you have an explanation—a counter—for everything.

But to quote Lewis, “you cannot go on ‘explaining away’ for ever: you will find that you have explained explanation itself away. The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it. If you see through everything—if you see through our supposed (and false) “bigotry and hatred and malice and intolerance”—“then everything is transparent. But a wholly transparent world is an invisible world. To ‘see through’ all things is the same as not to see.”*`

Don’t you understand? You say your conscience and logic are clear because you can see through everything. You claim you can see through archaic principles, modern bigots, intolerant pastors, and evil social conservatives. But if you can see through everything, then what is there left to see?

You believe you are enlightened, but you are consumed by darkness. You think you are progressive, but you act like ancients in Sodom. You claim your vision is clear, but the reality is,

you are blind.

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Note* see Chesterton's "Orthodoxy" for the foundation of this argument!




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