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Who's Actually Contracting The Delta Variant?

There are few terrors in this fallen world more flagrantly unholy than the modern union of science and politics.

1. Experts

From the beginning of this pandemic (which was many months earlier than our government divulged), bureaucrats in office have walloped us with the phrase, “Trust the science! Trust the experts.”

But now we have a problem: different experts are discovering different things about the virus and vaccinations, but they shouldn’t be.

What expert are we supposed to listen to? Who holds the dataset and the conclusions we’re supposed to believe? Never fear. Justin Trudeau, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Rachel Notley, appoint such questions to be answered for their gain:

“Trust our experts. Trust the experts that regurgitate what CBC spews. Trust the AHS officials that the government presents during updates.”

2. Science and Politics

But of course, science is the study of structures that are constituents in the “grand design.” Science, uncorrupted that is, observes reality to discover how it works so that we might further our knowledge of truth.

On the other hand, politics is the bloody sport of manipulating reality to fit the fist of the ruler.

So, how can the two bind themselves in matrimony? They cannot unless truth is sacrificed. For if men and women are corrupted (as they are), if those men and women contest and capture political office (as they do), and if they seduce scientists to join their bureaucracy (as they have), then what stops the politician from perverting science to achieve their goals of changing reality?

Take climate change, for example; perhaps the most politicized “science” in the world. Politicians in every country capture climate scientists, compose essays on how and why the sky is falling and then justify the imposition of socialist policies on the warfare against climate change.

Regarding Covid, now we have other scientists, untethered to government, proposing dichotomies of what bureaucratic health officials are saying.

Dr. Warren Kindzierski is an adjunct professor of environmental health at the University of Alberta School of Public Health.* He has just released a statement that argues,

“The data presented tells us that the Delta variant is indiscriminate of vaccination status – i.e., it can infect both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.”


“Requiring proof of vaccination for people to enter certain businesses and to attend certain events is not supported by science as vaccinated people can be infected by the Delta variant and transmit it to others.”

3. Truth

So which narrative is accurate? Does the Delta Variant affect everyone (vaccinated or not) equally or not? Only one claim can be valid. They cannot both be; otherwise, reality would collapse.

Of course, our government will quickly reply that such men like Dr. Kindzierski or Dr. Davidson are ideological lunatics bent on introducing division in our society, and as such, we must listen to the proper experts, the ones that government employs. But that’s the only argument they offer. I never see AHS propose studies that counteract the studies or descriptions of the world that these men present.

More than that, if a statistician in the government says that 2+2=5, does his position as a component in the machine of bureaucracy automatically guarantee the veracity of his claim? Not at all! Similarly, if another statistician told me that 2+2=4, does his position outside of government mean he’s wrong? Hardly.

Therefore, does the virtue of enjoying public office make a person's ((like Verna Yiu of AHS) claims automatically true? Absolutely not. Does it mean we should trust their claims at face value? Absolutely not. Are we obligated to look at objective, non-partisan, data and discover what’s true? Absolutely.

Because if we don’t, if we choose to ignorantly assume government’s word on science is credible, then men will be called women, a fetus will be called inhuman, right will be called wrong,

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