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Chrystia Freeland, Your Arrogance Is Nauseating.

To Chrystia Freeland,

You are one of the most arrogant politicians on the planet. Your unbearable pride is blinding; listening to you is intolerable. Indeed, your rejection of reality is so miraculous you actually just said,

“The measures that we [the Federal Government] have set in motion already, I think, do a pretty good job of reaching precisely those people in Canada who have the biggest challenges with affordability."*



Is that what you honestly believe?

Not all of us enjoy your federal-political pensions and wages, and not everyone is so privileged as to enjoy the security of a government-guaranteed job. More than that, have you even bothered to look outside?

The price of groceries?


The price of gas and diesel?


The price of housing?

Crashing (thanks!), but still unaffordable.

The price of rent?

Rising (thanks again!), but unaffordable.

The price of working [taxes]?


We are suffering; my friends are suffering; seniors are suffering. Do you know how many people have cancelled their summer camping plans because of the price of gasoline and cost of living? What was your reply?

You said, “We [the government] increased the carbon tax this year, even in the face of higher inflation, and to me that shows meaningful commitment.”**

Make no mistake. Your “commitment” is cruel. There is nothing benevolent or generous about it. You’d rather watch our nation descend into the fires of poverty than ease your restrictions, taxes, and rules, and allow us to more appropriately flourish.

Now one might be wondering whether you and your financial hyenas are:

--Woefully ignorant of the principles of economics and therefore pass economic policies that do not correspond with reality.


--Principled in the discipline of economics, but like a doctor who understands the biology of an arm and therefore knows how to break it, employs that knowledge to pass economic policies that promulgate the poverty of our people.

Those who are wondering which group you are in needn’t worry; you answer the question perfectly with your recent comments:

“Was it the right thing to do, to spend a lot of money to support Canadians during COVID? And if that’s a question in your mind, my answer is 100 percent. I would do it all again. I am very aware that we spent a lot of money to fight COVID and to fight the COVID recession. I thought at the time it was the right thing to do, and with hindsight, I still think it was the right thing to do. In particular — and this, to me, is the most important thing — is the jobs recovery.”*`

In this, you are clearly principled in the discipline of economics, but you are like the doctor—the one with no conviction about horribly experimenting on others. What’s more, after watching us suffer (and still suffer!) once, you gleefully admit without remorse or reservation that you’d do it again!

But we are the foes of tyranny of every kind. Just because you are removed from reality does not mean, by democratic process and a referendum on independence, that we won’t legally remove your influence from our reality. We have no intention of watching our families descend into tyranny. We do not desire ever to be locked down again, and we are working within the framework of the law and the constitution to ensure that we are soon emancipated from your terrible economic and moral oppression.

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