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Freeland Caught Speeding? But I Thought She Didn't Drive...

Pedalling 132km/hr must be the new world record for the fastest person on a non-motorized bike.

After all, a bicycle must’ve been what Chrystia Freeland was using when she was stopped for speeding, somewhere between Peace River and Grande Prairie.

Remember? Freeland doesn’t drive. She doesn’t use private vehicles. Instead, she takes the train, walks, and bikes. That’s what she said.

But wait a minute. There are no trains from Peace River to Grand Prairie, and you can’t exactly walk to Grand Prairie from Peace River in 45 minutes, so, never mind, Freeland was driving a car, and Freeland was speeding.

The speeding itself isn’t the issue. Many of us would be wise to remember not to comment on the speck of dust in our neighbour’s eye before removing the railway tie from our own. Most of us who charge Freeland with speeding have sped on highways, ourselves.

Instead, the issue is Freeland’s hypocrisy.

Alberta’s huge. It’s expansive, and vast territories in its geography are unsettled. Its population is spread far and wide. Except for a few major centres like Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge, Albertans live in the country.

That means it isn’t just a 10-minute walk to purchase all your groceries. You can’t just walk to the zoo that’s 1.5 km away, because it isn’t there. When you live in remote locations, you have to drive to do, well, just about anything.

In these more remote areas, there aren’t any charging stations, trains, or other methods of transportation, because it doesn’t make economic sense to build them.

Thus, we need cars. We need combustion cars and trucks if we want to thrive in our province. Even one of the high Queens of Green Energy, Chrystia Freeland, understands that. After all, when she was speeding, she was driving a car.

I wonder what she would do if her contemptible vision is realized, and she took all our combustion cars away? Maybe she’d walk from Peace River to Grand Prairie? Maybe she’d bike? I doubt it.

She’d probably just hop on a private jet and fly.


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