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"Burn It All Down" | Destroying Canadian Churches

Do you know what happens to a society that burns its churches down? It’s destroyed as well. Woke activists in Canada are currently engaging in such crimes. Not only so, but they’re receiving disturbing encouragement to continue their crusade. Harsha Walia, head of the BC Civil Liberties Association, apparently in response to churches being torched, said:

“Burn it all down.”*

Comments on news articles and social media posts mirror the zeal Walia displays. The political and cultural divide in this country is hot; it’s clear Canada is doomed to die.

But we cannot entertain the romantic fantasy that a country such as ours is entitled to an elegant and graceful death. In reality, many unfortunate members of Canadian society are watching helplessly as our country is invaded by an ideology hostile to our culture and constitution. With new government members readily gaining power, a slow decay, a foul rot, strengthened by violence, poisons the society over a duration of years. As tyranny suppresses and socialism constricts, the death of the nation becomes more agonizing and painful by the day.

History, wisdom, law—standardsare now chronicled in the recess of hate speech and cancel culture. Members of the post-modern revolution like Justin Trudeau, Mark Carney, and Chrystia Freeland, currently shape our future.

The bureaucrat’s propaganda has made life before the welfare state sound almost barbaric. According to our “trusted” government, before the state’s intervention, almost everyone was oppressed. According to demagogues, everything the white man did harmed others; even the valuable things he accomplished were apparently in the name of ulterior motives.

Is trash like that true? We know it isn’t, but the present danger we must face is that history and morality in Canada are being destroyed. And if that destruction fully comes to pass, we will have nothing to counter our Federal and Provincial Government’s defamatory lies. We’ll be forced to take their word for historical “facts,” conclude that all life pre-1950 was horrible, and praise their intervention in our lives today.

I don’t understand the defensive position many take (including Christians) that Christianity isn’t under attack in Canada. Churches are burning, pastors are thrown in prison, and upholding values taught in the Bible invites state punishment. What else is needed to make these people admit, “perhaps Christianity is under duress in Canada.”? A martyr? I’d prefer the moral ship of the nation were righted before it sinks that far.

Nonetheless, it’s not a mystery as to why our country’s churches are on fire. We simply need to read Scripture and learn history (for as long as it’s uncensored) to understand why.

What does the church represent? Many things, but in one particular element, it represents an objective standard. By attending church, we bear witness to a venerated institution charged with the sacred office of preaching the Word of God. It is precisely those Scriptures from which Canadians (and the rest of the world, whether they like it or not) derives objective truth. You are infinitely valuable because the Bible says so. Or, for example, if tomorrow Jason Kenney said that theft was legal in Alberta, we know that wouldn’t make it right. Theft is absolutely wrong, no matter the culture, again because the Bible says so. It will never be morally acceptable because the Scripture, our objective standard, prohibits it.

History testifies that our species is frighteningly consumed with power. Now ask the question: What do our government officials, whether Liberal, NDP, or Conservative, want? What does the Canadian Bureaucracy want? What do special interest groups and unions want? Has this last year taught us nothing? They all want power! Of course, one of the evil things about such lust is that a man will do almost anything, perhaps even burn church or two, to satisfy his craving.

Thus we understand why Canadian churches are being incinerated. Arsonists cower behind words like “reconciliation and liberation,” when in fact their actions are really about power. Burning churches are a symbol, lit for the whole world to see, that our country is doing what’s right in its own eyes. We’re shaking our fist at God, making sure He knows we no longer care for His restriction on our power or instruction on how to use it. We’re taking justice into our own hands, and that leads to suffering—always.

Torching churches should’ve never happened. It’s embarrassing that our country has descended to the pit it’s in now. These dangerous criminals responsible for such arson ought to be tried and held accountable for their actions.

But I also believe that the church has been so lax to discharge her duty, that what our society once revered, the very institution of the church and all that it stood for, dwindled into mere sentiment and then decayed to active hatred. The places that were once holy are now infested with wokeism and new-age tolerance until the structure of the church totally ceased to remind our country of who God is. Canada has lost all respect and admiration for its churches. Too easily, Christian leadership rendered to Caesar what was God’s and stopped congregations meeting at the flick of a pen from government. “Struggle” is a word the church no longer knows.

Nonetheless, the fires must cease. The leftist flame destroys all forms of hierarchy and law and is a serious threat. Blindness to the malice of their intentions is characteristic of the 21st century. Make no mistake; any society in the past that mocked God, died. Even mighty Rome was triumphed by the humble banner of Christ. But if these modern enemies of justice succeed, then all accountability for their actions will be lost. We will forfeit our ability to charge their conduct as “evil” because evil will no longer have any meaning. Let us ensure it never comes to that. Instead, if we work diligently to preach the standard of righteousness and appeal to history as a solid proof of our claims, the Canadian ideologue’s unwanted authority, will collapse.

* See Walia's tweet and analysis here

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