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Trudeau's Canada | Where Criminals Run Free And Lawful Men Have Their Bank Accounts Frozen

Prime Minister Trudeau has one of the most ravenous appetites for power I’ve ever seen. He’s never satisfied; he’s never happy. The man cannot sit back and say, “I am content with what I have.” as his lust for power consumes him. All he craves is ruling other men, which, by all accounts, is perhaps the most improper and unnatural job for any man to do—least of all, the one who seeks it out.

Nonetheless, in a frantic attempt to consolidate more control, Trudeau declared himself Canada's supreme leader on Monday. The results are already devastating.

"For terrorists?" one might hopefully reply.

Not at all. The results are devastating for charitable men and women who have been our neighbours for decades; here are just a few of the consequences of our bank accounts being seized:

1. Uncertainty

Suppose you’re an investor who’s noticed the abundance of economic resources Canada is blessed with. But as you prepare to enter the market, construct new factories and offices, and create dozens of jobs, you notice that Mr. Trudeau baptized himself with emergency powers and appointed his government the ability to seize private assets and accounts.

In an instant, you flee the country. Why shouldn’t you? You might sink $100 million into a project, but after this announcement, who knows if you’ll ever see a dime? Or, if you do, who knows whether Mr. Trudeau will seize all of your profits? No one will want to invest in our country (and for good reason).

2. Conditioning

As a result of his new powers, Mr. Trudeau punishes those he thinks do wrong and rewards those who are obedient. Soon, that will mean freezing the bank accounts of those voting PPC, or seizing the assets of those who agree with the Biblical definition of marriage.

Thus, Mr. Trudeau is conditioning and moulding us in his image. Does a man agree with Trudeau? Then, he is rewarded with economic autonomy. Does he disagree with Trudeau? He is punished by seeing his funds withheld from him.

In this, Trudeau can steer the society in the direction he wants—no one bites the hand that feeds them—if Trudeau feeds us, who will snarl back and tell him to “Mind his own business.”? Our whole lives are becoming his business.

3. Consequences

We are being treated like children. A parent withholds his son’s allowance if the son has acted wrong; Trudeau withholds our own earnings if we criticize his terrible reign. The difference between the two is:

-Trudeau isn’t our parent. Chiding us like children devalues our worth, wisdom, and freedom. Not only so, but a child is his parent's. We are not Trudeau's property.

-Trudeau isn’t a good man. He doesn’t subscribe to objective law, but instead creates his own perverted version of it for us to conform.

-A parent loves his child and disciplines him (according to the precepts of goodness) to train him to be a good man. On the other hand, Trudeau hardly sees us as humans at all. Instead, he sees us as objects to be moulded for submission to his contemptible vision of a neo-humanity.

But let us be warned, if we surrender to him and this version of man he wants to create, then we shall indeed cease to be men and will be transformed into artifacts—mere shadows of what it once meant to be human.

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