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The Liberal Gov't Will Destroy Itself Because That’s What Evil Does

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Justin Trudeau [the Liberal Government] calls me a slave because I believe in Jesus Christ.

I call Mr. Trudeau a slave because he refuses to believe in Jesus Christ.

My belief in the Carpenter from Nazareth means I can’t do what other people do. I no longer have the desire to follow in their ways.

Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, does whatever he wants. He has no boundaries; he has no borders. He’s completely unrestricted and chaotic. Nothing stops him from doing what he desires. In Trudeau’s eyes, that means he’s free. As far as he’s concerned, his ability to oppress one province one day, and bless another one the next, means he’s as free as the birds flying in the sky. But like everything else he believes, Trudeau has it exactly wrong.

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